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Cooper Webb interview – injury update

Cooper Webb interview – injury update
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Cooper Webb spoke at length to Daniel Blair about his recovery from the back injury that forced him out of motocross as well as his fears of paralysis after hitting the deck in Dallas.

The slow recovery

I’m back at it (training). It was unfortunate with everything that kind of went down, after the first round having to sidelines myself. It was mainly just recovery I had some injections to help with getting the healing process going more but just a lot of rehab five days a week for the last 8 weeks. It’s been about 12 now and I was finally able to get on a bicycle and start cycling and doing some more gym stuff about two and a half weeks ago.

it was a very strange one for me I have never really dealt with pure nerve and disc stuff, I’m used to just bone stuff – in a few weeks you’re healed and it will be good to go. This one was definitely an interesting one but I’m finally seeing the bright side to it, I feel really good. I feel a lot better than I have since Dallas, I feel like the movement I have, the waking up pain free has been nice for the last two or three weeks, so I guess it came in good timing, it was something I was a little worried about not really seeing the progression in the first six to eight weeks but once I hit ten it has felt better than ever.

On the Dallas crash

it wasn’t good that’s the bottom line, how it happened i was doing a little bit of a different option jumping off the second to top one I had been doing it the whole time and that last lap I was just really going for it to try and get the podium position and just mistimed it.

It was almost like in slow motion, I remember being able to look up at the top of the stadium and know this isn’t going to be good and I was headed straight to the concrete. When I landed and everything, right away you try to evaluate what hurts, I remember not really feeling much and trying to get up and it was scary because I couldn’t feel my legs at that point, I was like, ‘man, this is it.’ Obviously as time went by I gained more feeling. Getting carted off I was thankful it wasn’t worse and be conscious of what was going on and understand you will be alright.

After seeing the crash, man I was super lucky, I couldn’t have asked for anything better, honestly. It was the scariest crash I ever had and to be able to walk away from it is unreal.

There are times you have to swallow your pride and understand that if it’s going to affect your well being for the rest of your life or the years to come you have to take time to sit down and get things fixed which I had to do for my back in this outdoor series. In our sport you have to be tough, that’s pretty clear, that’s one thing I feel I have always been pretty good and being able to tough things out.


What’s missing is the number one plate! We have the 2 back on and I don’t really like the look of that. I ended the year on a high, I really believe the motivation to get the number one back, all the rehab I’m doing that’s already what I’m thinking about – how I can improve, the class is gnarly, it’s stepped up a lot. That’s the cool thing about the 450 class, knowing there is a lot of really talented and champion guys.

Keep improving on starts, speed, fitness, I’m at the point now I’m 24, mentally I’m getting better, physically I should be getting better as well. Just looking forward to everything coming up, it’s not something where it’s a drag. We are looking for tenths (of a second), is all we are looking for, whether that be in the whoops, the corners, race craft, whatever it comes down you have to expect that everyone else is picking up the one per cents each day and that’s what I need to be doing too.

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