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Conrad Mewse on these strange times, training regime and working with Sword

Conrad Mewse on these strange times, training regime and working with Sword
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Paul Malin and Lisa Leyland both caught up with Conrad Mewse during the latest MXGP live studio show. The young British talented discussed some of the following topics on the latest show.

During these strange times.. 

“It’s certainly a difficult time for everyone you know, I hope everyone is keeping safe out there. It’s just been a crazy crazy start of the year, we prepared to be ready for the start of the year and then had two races, now it feels like an off season again, it’s super strange but it’s the same for everyone so we just have to take it how it comes. With the time off I had last year (nine or ten months) due to the injury, this not racing kind of feels pretty normal for me”.

On training.. 

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“Because I’m coming in off the injury, I’m behind in some aspects because I’ve been out for a while so I’m continuing my regular program. It is a bit difficult because we don’t know when it’ll start again so we don’t know really know when to peak and when not to peak”.

On working with Stephen Sword.. 

“Stephen Sword is my riding coach, he takes care off the riding part and tells me what to do on the bike and gives me pointers. The cycle around me is really good and I felt confident coming into the season even having a long time off the bike. I’ve come into the season with a very positive attitude, it was a good first two rounds before it was stopped”.

You can watch the full studio show below – Mewse also attempts singing a Justin Bieber song, better than the man himself!

Pic: Infront Moto Racing

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