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Chad Reed frustrated despite podium!

Chad Reed frustrated despite podium!
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It was the weekend that showed the old dogs still had the tricks to get the job done!

From Serena Williams and Roger Federer winning the Australian open at 34 and 35 years old respectively to Chad Reed running down and passing the defending supercross champion Ryan Dungey for second in Phoenix at 34, then Tony Cairoli showing 20 year old reigning MXGP world champ Tom Gajser a clean pair of heels at 31 on a brutal sand track in Italy, it was a weekend to remember for the more experienced sporting legends!

Aussie hero Reed showed why he is still competitive and still has the mentality of a 20 year old when he vented his frustration at his results in the first couple of races after his impressive second place in Phoenix. Reed said he knew what needed to be done to the bike back in May but that those changes weren’t made during the off-season.

“The stadium and track had zero to do with my bike.” explained Reed on his increase in performance. “In all honesty I’m happy to be here but I’m frustrated. In May I knew what needed changing but we sat on our hands all off-season. Finally when you suck at the first race they allow you to do the things you need to do. Finally I can ride the dirt bike the way I feel like I need to. We are within the window now and keep chipping away to try and get better.”

Reed also admitted he doesn’t see this as the last time he is on the podium, this is where he has expected to be all year long. “Everyone wants to high five me like this is the last time, but I don’t come out here to make up the numbers and that’s how I felt at the first three. You work too hard, you expect to be here. Sometimes you know what you need to do, you can feel but that doesn’t make it happen, sometimes it needs to get worse before it gets the better. Those last three races have been a disaster. I think I can throw down with Eli if I can get I good start.”

Chad Reed has always been known and respected as straight shooter, the Aussie tells is like it is and for both the media and the fans, Reed tends to give a level of insight many others don’t.

And it sounds like this podium might be just the beginning of Reed’s resurgence in 2017!

Pic: Feld

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