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Catching up with Neville Bradshaw!

Catching up with Neville Bradshaw!
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Neville Bradshaw is supposed to be retired from professional racing but he keeps getting called back to race at British level!

The latest mini-comeback for the popular Bradshaw will begin this weekend in Glasgow as he takes the MVR-D Husqvarna ride for Mark Chamberlain following Kristian Whatley’s departure.

Bradshaw has always been good at indoor racing through the years and has still been riding as much as he can so he should be ready to go in Glasgow and he also revealed, during our interview, some more plans he has for the rest of 2017.

Gatedrop: Nev, you will be racing the rest of the British AX series. Were you surprised when you got the phone call to get the MVRD ride?

Neville Bradshaw: Yeah, It was a bit of a surprise but I’m quite lucky that I’ve been training and riding with guys in my race academy so I can kind of drop straight back into the racing scene.

Gatedrop: Obviously Kristian Whatley has just split with the team without even having one race with them, what’s your thoughts on that and what’s your relationship like with that team as you have been with them before?

Neville Bradshaw: Yeah, I’m not too sure on the exact situation with Kristian but I’ve always had a good relationship with the boys they’re more like family than anything. They gave me my first shot over here in the UK and have kind of watched me grow up. They’re really passionate about their racing and we all know each other and how we work so it will be fun to be back hanging and racing with them.

Gatedrop: You always seem to do well racing AX, do you enjoy the close racing?

Neville Bradshaw: Yeah, I’ve had some good success indoors since I first came over here back in 2004. It’s hard to beat the buzz of racing indoors in front of a packed stadium.

Gatedrop: What are your goals for the AX series?

Neville Bradshaw: I’m quite realistic as I know the talent runs deep in the arenacross field so making finals and then just trying to get good starts, race hard and see where it puts us at the end of the night.

Bradshaw will ride the MVR-D Husqvarna bike vacated by Whatley!

Gatedrop: Are you looking forward to getting back on the Husqvarna?

Neville Bradshaw: Yeah, I’ve spent a bit of time on the Husqvarna recently and I’m definitely a lot more comfortable on the new model. I’ve also spent a lot of time on 450’s over the past 18 months and I think I’ve finally learnt to ride the big girls good.

Gatedrop: You are currently in Spain at the moment, are you there just taking it easy or is any riding being done – have you done much preparation before Glasgow this weekend?

Neville Bradshaw: Yes, I’m in Spain and have been working with James Harrison for 2 weeks out here. It’s cool I’ve managed to do some riding and push him on in his moto’s and stuff. If I hadn’t done this trip I wouldn’t have done any arenacross as you have to have a good feeling on the bike which only comes with hours in the saddle.

Gatedrop: What are your plans for the motocross season? 

Neville Bradshaw: Yes, I will be racing the British 2 stroke championship on a 250 Honda. I’m doing a few rounds of racing in Ireland for the Suitor brothers and Norman Watt Kawasaki. I also have a couple of South African nationals for the Yamaha team out there, then I’ll fill my weekends with odd races at tracks I want to race at.

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