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Catching up with Jett Lawrence

Catching up with Jett Lawrence
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Around this time last year the Lawrence family risked everything, they sold their family house in Australia to move to the GP paddock. Ben Townley recommended the Lawrence Brothers to Kawasaki Racing team and they sorted out a deal.

Hunter got all the attention last year competing for the EMX250 championship before a season ending injury. However, Jett who just turned thirteen years old a few weeks ago has quietly had a good first season.

He has rode some ADAC and Dutch NK National races where he has shown some very good speed. He has even battled with Rene Hofer who is extremely talented, don’t be surprised to see Hofer running at the front of the EMX125 class in 2017.

The Hunter Brothers have recently signed for Suzuki in the MXGP paddock and will get to work under ten times world champion, Stefan Everts and his father, Harry. Under their guidance don’t be surprised to see them make it to the top. Whilst Hunter will have his rookie year in the MX2 world championship during the 2017 season, Jett will stay on the 85cc.

We decided to catch up with Jett to talk about adjusting to life in Belgium and his deal with Suzuki.

Gatedrop: Jett, you’re just thirteen years old and have moved far away from home. How are you finding living in Belgium?

Jett Lawrence: I love the racing over here but yeah I do miss things like surfing with mates and doing hip hop at comps with my old crew from Australia. I miss the meat pies we get in Australia (laughs).

Gatedrop: This was your first year in Europe, did you enjoy riding different tracks and against new competition?

Jett Lawrence: Yeah, the tracks are unreal over here and I loved racing so many fast kids. In Australia we only get like 20 kids at some meetings whereas over here there’s anywhere from 40-80 riders, it’s cool.

Gatedrop: You have already showed some good speed in your time here battling with guys like Rene Hofer, you must be happy with your speed?

Jett Lawrence: Yeah, sort of, it’s getting there.  We haven’t raced on any hard pack since I left Australia so all we have been doing is sand. It was good to race Hofer on hard pack as I think that’s my strength but my sand riding has improved a lot over the last few months as last weekend we did a Dutch NK national round and I came through the pack to take a moto win so finally all my hard work is paying off to be able to beat the best of Holland in sand. In the first moto I played speed bump in a first corner crash so didn’t get the overall result I wanted but my speed has improved, there is still a long way to get to where I want to be but I will keep working at it.

Gatedrop: It has now been announced that you will ride for Suzuki next year along with Hunter, you must be excited with the move?

Jett Lawrence: I am so excited; I really can’t wait for it!

Gatedrop: You will get to work with former World Champions, Harry and Stefan Everts, you must be buzzing to get the opportunity to work with them? 

Jett Lawrence: Oh for sure, it’s a huge honour, I am really keen to learn as much as I can and fix my weaknesses for next year to have a really consistent and a strong season.  Hopefully by training with them I can one day get more world titles to my name.

Gatedrop: Have you got any plans for the off season and where you will be based etc yet?

Jett Lawrence: In Belgium as we will be doing a lot with the team to get set up with the bikes as I am changing to a different brand of bike.

Gatedrop: Do you know what championships you will race in 2017 yet?

Jett Lawrence: Yes, all the EMX85 races and the ADAC series in Germany and I don’t know we will probably do some sand races here and there too.

Gatedrop: You have been to quite a lot of GP’s, what’s your thoughts on the series? It must be good to watch the best riders in the world so you can learn from them…  

Jett Lawrence: Yeah, The GP’s are awesome. I went to Valkenswaard and Lommel this year. It was so cool to watch these guys in real life and not on TV or YouTube. It’s cool to see what riders like Herlings can do in the sand and try to learn from them.

Gatedrop: Have you set yourself a goal for the future that you would like to achieve?

Jett Lawrence: The first goal is next year and I would be lying if I didn’t say I want a podium or wins at every event but I know there are a lot of fast guys here in Europe so will take it step by step. For sure I want to follow through with the 125 and 250 to step up to the mx2 class, that’s the long term goal.

Gatedrop: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Jett Lawrence: Yeah, my dad and mum for making this sacrifice and to the whole crew as CLS Kawasaki for this year I really loved racing there. Also, a big thank you to all the people in Australia who help myself and Hunter behind the scenes, we really appreciate it.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pic: John Oostvogels

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