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Carmichael on Webb’s pass on Musquin

Carmichael on Webb’s pass on Musquin
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Ricky Carmichael has weighed in on the Webb/Musquin battle in moto one at Houston that helped Webb stretch his lead to 17 points when he punted Marvin off the track. Carmichael, who was not afraid of a making a contact pass in his day, says it was mental games and Webb won it.

“Marvin went to send a message,” said RC, “I think it was a battle of the minds in that first main event tonight, Marvin went to make a pass on Cooper Webb early and Cooper didn’t like that, he made a couple of stabs to get Marvin Musquin back and ended up winning that battle.

“It was a battle of the minds and in my opinion Cooper Webb won it. Marv said, ‘hey dude, I’m winning this championship,’ Cooper said: ‘not so fast, I’m winning it.’

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