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Broken neck for Vaessen!

Broken neck for Vaessen!
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After his scary first turn crash and then losing feeling in his arms and legs for four minutes, check-ups back in Holland have revealed that Bas Vaessen has broken the T6 vertebrae in his neck.

It means a neck brace for six weeks, ending his British title hopes and putting him out of action for most of the rest of the season in a blow to the team, but all things considered, it could have been much worse for the Dutchman who has been riding really well this year on the Hitachi KTM powered by Milwaukee machine.

The team have commented: “After his 12 hour flight back from the MXGP of Asia, Bas Vaessen attended the hospital in Amsterdam today. Following extensive medical examinations, MRI and CT scans he has been diagnosed with a slight fracture to C6 vertebrae. He has 100% movement and feeling in his legs and the full recovery of the feeling in his arms should come back in a few weeks.
The Team would like to thank everyone who assisted Bas over the past few difficult days, and in particular Gautier Paulin who quickly lifted the bike off Bas after the crash in turn 1 of moto 2 on Sunday.
We wish Bas all the best in his recovery over the coming weeks and will provide all the support that we can.”

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