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British Championship results RD 2 Lyng

British Championship results RD 2 Lyng
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MX2 Race one

Adam Sterry qualified pole and holeshot race one before becoming embroiled in a battle with Max Anstie. Anstie finally made the move on Sterry and edged his way to the race win. Lenoir was a good third with Watson a steady fourth.

1. Anstie 2. Sterry 3. Lenoir 4. Watson 5. Millward

MX1 Race one

Kristian Whatley was on pole and duly put his first gate pick to good use by taking the holeshot from Irwin, Simpson and Frossard. Irwin got dropped back to fourth as Simpson set about chasing Whatley down. Simpson then made the pass on Whatley for the lead and the win. Frossard, in third, was being caught by Irwin and Krestinov when Irwin’s chain snapped with three turns to go and he had to push the bike over the line for sixth! Martin Barr came from a poor start up to seventh.

1. Simpson 2. Whatley 3. Frossard 4. Krestinov 5. Leok

MX2 Race two

Max Anstie took the holeshot on the Dixon Kawasaki and led wire to wire despite early pressure from Sterry. Sterry ultimately dropped to third behind Lenoir with first round winner Watson was another steady fourth.

1. Anstie 2. Lenoir 3. Sterry 4. Watson 5. MacKenzie

MX1 Race two

Martin Barr took the holeshot from Simpson and Irwin. Simpson quickly found his way to the front with Irwin moving into second and Barr third. Whatley then demoted Barr to fourth as Simpson controlled the race out front. More bad luck for Graeme Irwin after a mechanical put him out of the contention while running in second! Leok moved past Barr into third and pressured Whatley for second but Shaun Simpson dominated race two.

1. Simpson 2. Whatley 3.Leok 4. Barr 5. Kestinov

MX2 Race three

Sterry got the holeshot from Anstie and Lenoir but Anstie quickly took the lead. Sterry was pushed by Lenoir right to the end but manage to hold on to second. Anstie was never challenaged and claimed a perfect 1-1-1 score card for the day.

1. Anstie 2. Sterry 3. Lenoir 4. Watson 5. MacKenzie

Overall Podium: 1. Anstie 2. Sterry 3. Lenoir

MX1 Race three

Simpson lead from the start with Whatley, Leok and Barr behind. Nicholls had a problem at the gate and had to fight from behind. Leok would pass Whatley for second, and for the third race in a row Irwin would go missing with suspected bike problems. Krestinov worked his way forward as Barr dropped back to 5th

1. Simpson 2. Leok 3. Whatley 4. Krestinov 5. Barr

Overall Podium: 1. Simpson 2. Whatley 3. Leok


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