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British championship results: Lyng

British championship results: Lyng
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Qualifying is wrapped up at Lyng and it’s Tommy Searle and Max Anstie who lead the way in their respective classes:


1. Searle
2. Simpson
3. Leok
4. Whatley
5. Irwin
6. Nicholls
7. Lenoir
8. EBB
9. Anderson
10. Krestinov


1. Anstie
2. Clarke
3. Mewse
4. Barr
6. MacKenzie
7. Gilbert
8. Cottrell
9. Dixon
10. Davidson

MX2 race one

Max Anstie took the lead early and dominated the race with his young teammate Conrad Mewse following him home in second with Martin Barr third. Title contenders Ben Watson and Steven Clarke didn’t finish meaning that, with Anstie and Mewse not doing all the rounds, Martin Barr effectively leads the championship after moto one!

1. Anstie
2. Mewse
3. Barr
4. Dunn
5. Cottrell
6. Milward
7. Todd
8. Bayliss
9. Tombs
10. Gilbert

MX1 moto one

Steven Lenoir took the holeshot but Simpson was quickly into the lead with Searle hot on his heels in second. Searle then took the lead from Simpson after a small mistake from the Scot. Searle then put the hammer down and pulled a few seconds on Simpson to take a dominating win – Simpson won’t be happy! Tanel Leok was impressive in third and kept Simpson honest. Graeme Irwin had one heck of a ride coming from tenth to fourth and doing it all in the last half of the race! Teammate Whatley got fifth after losing out to Irwin on the last lap,

1. Searle
2. Simpson
3. Leok
4. Irwin
5. Whatley
6. Krestinov
7. Banks-Browne
8. Nicholls
9. Anderson
10. Lenoir

MX2 race two

Max Anstie took the win again but Conrad Mewse kept his teammate under some pressure for the first half of the race. Steven Clarke was third with Watson coming from behind to finish fourth and Lewis Tombs was a fine fifth on his comeback from injury. Martin Barr was battling with Ben Watson for sixth when he had a problem and dropped to twelfth.

1. Anstie
2. Mewse
3. Clarke
4. Watson
5. Tombs
6. Todd
7. Dunn
8. Trickett
9. Bradshaw
10. Knight

MX1 moto two

Tommy Searle took the holeshot and the win at Lyng to cap off a superb performance at Lyng. Simpson started four and when he got into second Searle already had too much of a lead. Nicholls then caught Simpson on the last lap but Simpson held on for second. Leok took fourth and third overall. With the Buildbase Honda boys Whatley and Irwin fifth and sixth respectively, Irwin coming from tenth and putting Lenoir over the berm on the last lap!

1. Searle
2. Simpson
3. Nicholls
4. Leok
5. Whatley
6. Irwin
7. Lenoir
8. Anderson
9. Banks- Browne
10. Krestinov

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