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British Championship RD7: Results

British Championship RD7: Results
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It was a great day for Adam Sterry at the seventh round of the British championship. It was his return to racing after his injury at Lommel ruled him out of the last few GP’s but he was back with a bang today. He came into this weekend seven points behind Steven Clarke in the championship race. He gained eight points on Scuba and now leads the championship by one point – it’s going down to the wire!

It was nice to see Mel Pocock put a good ride in on his Hitachi KTM finishing the first moto in third and ending up fifth overall.

Martin Barr had a bad moto finishing in seventh but the second moto was much better finishing in second to clinch third overall.

MX2 Moto One:

  1. Adam Sterry
  2. Steven Clarke
  3. Mel Pocock
  4. Jordan Booker
  5. Brad Todd
  6. Jake Millward
  7. Martin Barr
  8. Michael Eccles
  9. Rob Davidson
  10. Liam Knight

MX2 Moto Two:

  1. Adam Sterry
  2. Martin Barr
  3. Steven Clarke
  4. Bryan MacKenzie
  5. Jake Millward
  6. Jordan Booker
  7. James Cottrell
  8. Mel Pocock
  9. Josh Gilbert
  10. Rob Davidson

It was a great day for Steve Turner as Simpson also won both the MX1 moto’s. Four wins from four for STR KTM, it doesn’t get much better than that. Tommy Searle ended up second overall to hold onto the red plate heading into the last round.  Jake Nicholls rounded off the podium as the GP riders went 1-2-3.

Graeme Irwin who is riding with a broken thumb rode well under the circumstances for sixth overall. Belgian wild card rider, Jeffrey Dewulf had a disastrous first moto but finished third in the second moto. Stuart Edmonds had a solid day with two consistent results and ended up ninth overall.

MX1 Moto One:

  1. Shaun Simpson
  2. Jake Nicholls
  3. Tommy Searle
  4. Tanel Leok
  5. Steven Lenoir
  6. Jake Shipton
  7. Graeme Irwin
  8. Dan Thornhill
  9. Stuart Edmonds
  10. Alex Snow

MX1 Moto Two:

  1. Shaun Simpson
  2. Tommy Searle
  3. Jeffrey Dewulf
  4. Jake Nicholls
  5. Tanel Leok
  6. Graeme Irwin
  7. Gert Krestinov
  8. Alex Snow
  9. Steven Lenoir
  10. Stuart Edmonds


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