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British Championship MX1 & MX2 riders confirmed!

British Championship MX1 & MX2 riders confirmed!
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The MX2 and MX1 riders to contest in the 2017 British Championship have been announced.

Unfortunately in MX1, Shaun Simpson won’t be racing the series to try and snatch the title back so defending champion, Tommy Searle goes in as heavy favourite. Jake Nicholls, Graeme Irwin and Steven Lenoir should be right at the front too!

Good to see John Meara on the MX1 entry list, it will be interesting to see what he can do concentrating more on the British series. It wasn’t looking too good for Stuart Edmonds for a while but he will be behind the gate on his TM. Kristian Whatley is currently on the list but without a ride, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for him.

In MX2, Steve Dixon has signed Darian Sanayei to partner Brylyakov but neither will contest the British series in 2017 which is a shame.

Roger Magee has signed Josiah Natzke from New Zealand and he will surely challenge at the front amongst the likes of Barr, Watson and Belgian rider, Kevin Wouts.

Adam sterry won’t be competing in the series this year so we will definitely have a new MX2 champion in 2017, the MX2 class could provide some great racing!

It appears that Harri Kullas will race in the MX2 class for the MVRD Husqvarna outfit, he had been expected to race in the MX1 class but could be a challenger for the MX2 title.

Another unexpected name on the list is Jay Wilson, it appears he will stick around after the AX series and race the MX2 British series with the I-Fly JK Yamaha outfit.

Unfortunately, Glenn McCormick is only a reserve but hopefully he will still be behind the gate at the first round. Jason Meara and Luke Smith are both on the list though and will join Barr behind the gate at round one.

MX2 class

2 Kevin Wouts Lombard Express Suzuki Suzuki
3 Josh Gilbert Dave Thorpe Honda Off Road C… Honda
6 Jay Wilson I-fly JK Yamaha Racing Yamaha
10 Michael Ellis P & H Motorcycles KTM
14 Charlie Hamlet (Reserve) Colwyn Bay Feehily MX KTM KTM
15 Henry Williams RFX KTM KTM
17 Luke Smith Moto 4 Husqvarna UK Husqvarna
19 Tom Neal SJP Moto Husqvarna
24 Liam Garland Crescent KTM KTM
28 John Robson Bikesport Newcastle KTM KTM
31 Robbie Dowson Graham Charlton Motorcycles Yamaha
33 Josiah Natzke Hitachi KTM UK KTM
38 Gavin Stevenson SaddMX Yamaha
41 Alexander Brown Apico Husqvarna Husqvarna
50 Martin Barr Buildbase Honda Racing Honda
60 Dylan Woodcock Team Green UK – Monster Ener… Kawasaki
63 Jordan Divall Powered by Evotech – BOS Sus… KTM
66 Lewis Tombs Lings Honda Honda
77 Jay Hague JTL – Plant Suspension – Hus… Husqvarna
98 Todd Kellett St Blazey MX – SJ Hooper Husqvarna
111 Ben Putnam G and S Yamaha Yamaha
119 Mel Pocock Revo Husqvarna UK Husqvarna
122 Jake Sheridan (Reserve) RSR Plant Services Motocross… KTM
134 Liam Knight Dyer & Butler Kawasaki Kawasaki
148 Michael Eccles Kawasaki
151 Harri Kullas MVR-D Route 77 Energy Husqva… Husqvarna
171 Dexter Douglas SJP Moto Husqvarna
173 Luke Norris Geartec Husqvarna Racing Husqvarna
180 Josh Spinks Manchester MC Husqvarna Husqvarna
184 James Carpenter Revo Husqvarna UK Husqvarna
200 James Dunn
303 Jake Millward Verde Sports Racing KTM
331 Jordan Eccles Husqvarna
337 Glenn McCormick (Reserve) Agnew Recovery – Watt Motorc… KTM
360 Nathan Dixon RFX KTM KTM
575 Taylor Hammal Dyer & Butler Kawasaki Kawasaki
631 Oliver Benton Hitachi KTM UK KTM
661 Josh Coleman Cab Screens Husqvarna Husqvarna
708 Ryan Hammond (Reserve) Samson Roofing Husqvarna
714 Brad Todd Planet Advanced Racing Suspe… Husqvarna
751 Joe Jefferies (Reserve) MX Autos – Watson Engineerin… KTM
771 Jason Meara Norman Watt Motorcycles KTM KTM
919 Ben Watson Hitachi KTM UK KTM

MX1 class

5 Graeme Irwin Buildbase Honda Racing Honda
6 Carlton Husband Phoenix Tools Honda Honda
7 Mitchell Lewis ASA Scaffolding Honda
10 James Rutter Spectrum Hose Ltd Honda
11 Matt Burrows Apico Husqvarna Husqvarna
12 George Grigg Pettitt Lings Honda Honda
14 Robert Davidson SJP Moto Husqvarna
16 John Meara Norman Watt Kawasaki Kawasaki
17 Damon Strydom Sissens Property Services KTM
23 JohnJoe Wright Manchester MC Husqvarna Husqvarna
25 Jamie Law Apico Husqvarna Husqvarna
36 Matthew Moffat Moffstar Racing KTM
37 Gert Krestinov Phoenix Tools Honda Honda
44 Elliott Banks Browne Geartec Husqvarna Racing Husqvarna
45 Jake Nicholls Hitachi KTM UK KTM
48 Reece Desoer Preston Docks Motocross Kawasaki
49 Luke Parker
57 Tony Craig Planet Suspension – Drysdale… Husqvarna
60 Brad Anderson Verde Sports Racing KTM
74 Patrick Major Herts MX Husqvarna
75 Ben Butler Team VMSX Kawasaki
95 Dan Thornhill Cab Screens Husqvarna Husqvarna
100 Tommy Searle Monster Energy DRT Kawasaki Kawasaki
119 Ryan Houghton I-fly JK Yamaha Racing Yamaha
153 James Harrison Cab Screens Husqvarna Husqvarna
162 Stuart Edmonds CCM Racing – Metcom TM TM
172 Robert Holyoake Apico CPS Husqvarna Husqvarna
190 Luke Benstead GH Motorcycles Husqvarna
227 Kristian Whatley
274 Kieran Banks Meredith MX Suzuki
293 Ryan McLean Acerbis AK – Feridax Honda
295 Ross Rutherford Site Sealants – KTM – Drysda… KTM
301 Shaun Southgate Herts MX
302 Brad Woodroffe GH Motorcycles Husqvarna
411 Declan Whittle (Reserve) Danger UK – Herts MX Husqvarna
685 Steven Lenoir Dyer & Butler Kawasaki Kawasaki
691 Aiden Wigger (Reserve) Manchester MC Husqvarna Husqvarna
704 Ashley Wilde RFX KTM KTM
711 Sonny Oliver Kawasaki UK – Trevor Pope Kawasaki
731 Jake Shipton Crescent RHR Yamaha Yamaha

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