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British AX RD3: Results from Birmingham!

British AX RD3: Results from Birmingham!
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Heading into the main event at Birmingham it was shaping up to be a good one as we saw four different winners during the pro heat races. Jack Brunell, Thomas Ramette, Cyrille Coulon and Cedric Soubeyras all won a heat race each giving them confidence for the final.

When the gate drop it was Florent Richier who grabbed the hole-shot on his Honda with the SR75 Suzuki riders right behind him applying the pressure. However, there was drama on the first lap as Ramette crashed and left it hard work to come back up through the pack. Coulon was all over Richier and never looked back when he made the move, a dominate victory! There was a feisty battle going on for third between Escoffier, Soubeyras and Brunell. Escoffier and Soubeyras ended up colliding which left Brunell end up in a brilliant third place, great to see a Brit on the podium. Adam Chatfield also finished in fifth so it was a good night for the Brit’s!

In the pro lites class it was Yannis Irsuti who dominated proceedings and he is starting to run away with the championship, he won both the main’s ahead of Chris Bayliss and Dylan Woodcock. Jason Meara finished a good fifth in the first moto but unfortunately DNF’ed the second race after only completing two laps.

Pro AX: Heat one

  1. Jack Brunell
  2. Florent Richier
  3. Angelo Pellegrini
  4. Cedric Soubeyras
  5. Sulivan Jaulin

Pro AX:Heat two

  1. Thomas Ramette
  2. Cyrille Coulon
  3. Adrien Escoffier
  4. Adam Chatfield
  5. Matt Bayliss

Pro AX: Heat three

  1. Cyrille Coulon
  2. Jack Brunell
  3. Angelo Pellegrini
  4. Adam Chatfield
  5. Sulivan Jaulin

Pro AX: Heat four

  1. Cedric Soubeyras
  2. Thomas Ramette
  3. Jay Wilson
  4. Florent Richier
  5. Adrien Escoffier

Pro AX: Main event

  1. Cyrille Coulon
  2. Florent Richier
  3. Jack Brunell
  4. Angelo Pellegrini
  5. Adam Chatfield
  6. Sulivan Jaulin
  7. Thomas Ramette
  8. Gaeten Le Hir
  9. Adrien Escoffier
  10. Cedric Soubeyras

Pro Lites: Final one:

  1. Yannis Irsuti
  2. Chris Bayliss
  3. Dylan Woodcock
  4. Joe Clayton
  5. Jason Meara

Pro Lites: Final two:

1. Yannis Irsuti
2. Dylan Woodcock
3. Joe Clayton
4. Frederick Hojris
5. Aaron O’Mahony
11. Jason Meara


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