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Brayton: Supercross and motocross are two different sports

Brayton: Supercross and motocross are two different sports
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The quietly spoken but very talented Justin Brayton has explained why he stopped racing motocross to concentrate on his real passion, supercross, and why he believes supercross and motocross are two different sports.

Perhaps giving an insight into how many riders in the US view motocross who aren’t in outdoor title contention, the US factory Honda rider says he didn’t like motocross and was going through the motions in the series because he was mentally tired from the supercross season. He also believes that the MXGP riders are better at motocross because US riders are so focused on supercross.

“I didn’t like motocross that much to be completely honest,” admitted the down to earth and honest Brayton, who now enjoys a lucrative supercross only contract that may be an inspiration for other supercross riders who don’t want to to do motocross to follow. “I enjoyed the suffering part, like the training of motocross, because you can’t hide on a motocross track 25 minutes in when it’s 100 degrees outside. It’s either you are in shape or you are not and I love that part of it, but what I didn’t love was that we start testing supercross in September, then we do a few off-season races and then we are at Anaheim in January. I put all my eggs into supercross, always have.

“I love supercross, it’s what I’m best at, it’s what I enjoy the most. So I would put all my eggs in that basket and then come May, I’m totally worked -mentally, physically, everything. Then, guess what? You get a weekend off, but you don’t really get a weekend off because you are testing, training, doing your 30 minute motos and you are trying to squeeze in all this stuff to such a small time frame. Then it’s all summer of completely grinding.

“I honestly believe supercross and motocross are like playing football and baseball. It’s two totally different sports. It’s different bike set-ups, now our set-ups (in AMA  SX and MX) are getting closer and closer together which they shouldn’t be. That’s a whole different story about the GPs and why the guys in the GPs I think are doing better than the Americans in motocross because it’s so specific. Our motocross settings now are basically roll your supercross settings out of the truck and put some softer springs in the suspension and you are pretty much good.”

To hear his entire thoughts on the subject and how a full year of supercross and motocross was making him miserable, listen in from the seven minute mark on the Gypsy Tales podcast below:


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