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Book review: Livin’ the dream – a year with a GP team

Book review: Livin’ the dream – a year with a GP team
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If you are looking a motocross related stocking-filler this Christmas, “Livin’ the dream” is just what you are looking for!

This is a unique book, written by Andy Gee, that pulls no punches as it follows the Hitachi ASA KTM UK squad through the 2018 season of MXGP and British championship races, you get the high points but also the low points that ignite tension within the team.

The account is an honest, open, no holds-barred look at the stress of running a team and how good results make it all worthwhile. You will probably be shocked at the quotes that have been allowed to be published from within the team and those around it – it’s something that usually stays well behind closed doors, but gives a rare public indication of the pressures that everyone is under during the year.

The opinions from owners, sponsors, team members and the riders during pivotal points in the season reveal the true intensity at the highest level as they search for consistency with an up and down Conrad Mewse, and try and guide rookie Graeme Irwin as he takes on his first full MXGP season against the highest level of competition in motorcycle racing with mixed results along with some very painful injuries.

Conrad Mewse getting in the zone.

You quickly realise this is not a hobby anymore, this is serious business with the riders and the team members all sacrificing themselves in different ways and when results don’t come, conflicting opinions surface as everyone tries to find the answers. Mewse in particular proving a huge condundrum for everyone at times during the season.

The logistics behind the operation appear to be frankly, a complete headache, and while the love for the sport is clear no matter who is involved, at times you wonder, is it all really worth it for them?

But when the results come, the fulfilment and harmony is back and that’s when you realise just how responsible a rider can be for a team’s happiness and vice-versa.

This book will open your eyes to just how serious racing is at the highest level.

The contracts, the wags, the logistics and the racing are all covered and ultimately you will have an even greater respect for the teams that give the riders a platform to showcase their talents as well as the pressure riders are under to deliver results on paper to justify their spot on the team, with other riders always available to step in and take their place for the next season.

Irwin Pic: Nigel McKinstry

The book is a must-read for any motocross fan and is available from eBay (search Livin the dream by Andy Gee) or by e-mailing your name and address to

Price is £15 per copy plus p&p £4 to UK addresses, £10 to Europe and £13 worldwide

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