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Belgian Championship: Results from Kester!

Belgian Championship: Results from Kester!
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The last round of the Belgian championship took place at Kester today and it was an interesting round for many reasons as a lot of riders used it to prepare for the Nations next weekend.

Damon Graulus was in with a chance of being crowned championship however, disaster struck as he collided with a slower rider in practice and suffered a scaphoid fracture.

This meant that Strijbos was heavy favourite to clinch the title and he started the day well winning the first moto just edging out Herlings who was riding the 450. Steve Ramon was impressive all day and finished third in the first moto beating Van Horebeek who was riding his 250. Brent Van Doninck who got selected to replace Desalle for the nations was down in sixth.

Jeffrey Herlings won the second moto but didn’t get it all his own way. Van Horebeek finished less than just two seconds behind him to keep him honest. Kevin Strijbos finished third, he probably won’t be happy that Van Horebeek beat him on his 250 machine!

Herlings found his mojo in the last moto and beat Van Horebeek by just over forty-seconds! However, JVH had a good day beating Strijbos twice although it’s worth pointing out that Kester is a tight track and suits the 250. But a great day for JVH nonetheless and he will be happy going into the Nations.

Kevin Strijbos ended up winning the championship title so he will be happy with that! Congratulations to Kevin on clinching the championship. He will also be happy to beat Herlings during the first moto of the day.

Moto One:

  1. Kevin Strijbos
  2. Jeffrey Herlings
  3. Steve Ramon
  4. Jeremy Van Horebeek
  5. Dennis Verbruggen
  6. Brent Van Doninck
  7. Andy Truyts
  8. Jens Getteman
  9. Bryan Bouland
  10. Kevin Wouts

Moto Two:

  1. Jeffrey Herlings
  2. Jeremy Van Horebeek
  3. Kevin Strijbos
  4. Steve Ramon
  5. Andy Truyts
  6. Jens Getteman
  7. Brent Van Doninck
  8. Robin Bakens
  9. Kevin Wouts
  10. Dennis Verbruggen

Moto Three:

  1. Jeffrey Herlings
  2. Jeremy Van Horebeek
  3. Kevin Strijbos
  4. Steve Ramon
  5. Kevin Wouts
  6. Jens Getteman
  7. Dennis Verbruggen
  8. Andy Truyts
  9. Robin Bakens
  10. Jaimy Deleersnijder



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