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Arenacross UK: Gatedrop predictions!

Arenacross UK: Gatedrop predictions!
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Andy McKinstry: Arenacross is awfully hard to predict mainly because the moto’s are so short meaning you need to get a good start! If you get a bad start or take a crash then it’s very hard to come back and win. I’ll mention the two new additions to the series first as Evgeny Bobryshev and Dan Reardon will contest the British series this year.

Reardon is a supercross specialist and while Bobby isn’t, corner speed certainty won’t be a problem for him and he’s won a round at Belfast before so he’ll know what to expect. We have saw plenty of supercross specialist’s come to the UK Arenacross series before and struggle – Josh Hansen and Tyler Villopoto have had difficulty adapting in the past.

However, I think Reardon should be fine and should certainly win races on his I-Fly JK Yamaha. However, am I confident him or Bobby will win the title? No, not really!

For the championship I’m finding it hard to choose between Thomas Ramette and Cedric Soubeyras. Ramette has won the series three times before for a reason, he is super consistent and more often than not is always right at the front. Whilst Soubeyras has the pace he always seems to get caught up in some sort of drama but I am predicting him to iron out those issues this year and finally win the title.

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Even though I’m going for Soubeyras for the title there are two dark horses – Cyrille Coulon and Fabien Izoird. Coulon had the red plate last year before injury ruined his chances of the title.

Angelo Pellegrini was also strong last year as he pipped Soubeyras for second in the series so don’t count him out. Let’s also not forget about the two Brits, Adam Chatfield and Jack Brunell who have the pace to win when everything clicks for them!

Championship predictions: 

  1. Cedric Soubeyras
  2. Thomas Ramette
  3. Fabien Izoird

Jonathan McCready: The championship is stacked this year and it’s great to see the continued growth of the series, it’s great for British dirtbike racing and gets to a whole new audience.

I think Cedric Soubeyras has the most motivation and there is no doubt he has the speed so I think this year he will combine that speed with consistency and take the title.

Thomas Ramette has had the total package in the last couple pf years and I don’t think he will be far away again but Dan Reardon and Bobryshev should also be serious contenders. However MXGP and Australian supercross are very different animals so it might take a bit of adjustment to get into the Arenacross style.

When it comes to the Brits Elliott Banks- Browne and Adam Chatfield probably have the best chance of challenge for the title, while both have shown race- winning speed in the past, consistency tends to be more difficult but if they can find that there is no reason they can’t be in the mix. Jack Brunnel can also unleash some good speed with a start.

You can’t discount riders like Fabian Izoird either, like Ramette, he is fast and consistent, add in Pellegrini, Coulon and more the racing should be bar-to-bar all series long!

Championship predictions:

1. Soubeyras
2. Ramette
3. Bobryshev

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