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Anstie on his future – new team?

Anstie on his future – new team?
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Max Anstie was asked what his plans are for next season in the press conference after his best ride of the year at Pala that saw the HEP Suzuki rider take sixth overall following some suspension changes that have clearly allowed the Brit to feel more comfortable. It sounds like while he is staying in the USA, he will be moving teams for 2022, making this weekend at Hangtown his last with the HEP Suzuki outfit, rumours have linked Max with the well established Rocky Mountain KTM team but that has not been confirmed.

A coy Anstie said: “I want to move to Florida, so that’s my plan. I want to go and train and the 83 Compound. Actually, a friend of mine, an English guy… I’ve actually spent a little bit of time there before, in Florida last year, and honestly, I think I fell in love with the place. For training and riding, it was just unbelievable.. For me, it’s about being around people that are going to make me better, especially with supercross. It was tough being in California with Suzuki here, because we didn’t have a test track that I could ride with other top guys. I was riding at the local practice tracks. Now with Star Yamaha leaving California, all of the motocross tracks, so there’s no one else out there. There were ten of those guys riding around, so it would actually get pretty good. But there’s not many guys even for outdoors.

“So, that’s the plan for me. I’m here to do the best I can for my HEP Suzuki team for this next race, but I will be going a different direction for next year, but I can’t say what it actually is. I want to go and move to Florida. I just want to be better. I moved to America, kind of like Dylan [Ferrandis]. I want to race supercross. That’s what I wanted to do when I was younger. I had a great career in MXGP. You go from one team to the next and my goal was the world championship, and it got to a point where the opportunity was here to come to America and I really appreciated these guys, HEP and the whole crew, just for bringing me over. It’s hard to just get your foot in the door, especially on a 450. I raced 450 for years in Europe and won races, but they write you off. It’s like, “Can he ride supercross?” Yeah, I can. Just let me have a go. Normally the kids come over at a younger age, and I just wanted to get my foot back in the door, so it’s all about learning and progressing for me. I want to do that next step and be around guys that I can learn from and try to be better at supercross, and of course in motocross for next season. That’s about all I can say on that.”

Image: Align media

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