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Anaheim press conference quotes

Anaheim press conference quotes
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Christophe Pourcel: We havent see a french guy in this class in a long time so hopefully we can both do good. Me and Marvin and very good friends. I think we can both be in the top ten. There are a lot of good riders and it should be good racing. My bike is pretty amazing and I’m happy with that.

Ken Roczen: I’ve changed a lot of things. Probably 360. I have a new trainer and I have learned more in six months than in my career. My family life is great and I love riding my dirt bike. I made a couple of mistakes last year and we will try to eliminate those. I’m super focused and I’m happy.

Ryan Dungey:
Last year was my best as far wins in a sx go. There are a lot of guys that can win and give us fits. It all starts with the preparation getting everything lined up. With Jason and Marvin we have race situations and it’s been nice and fun. I hope we can match it or top it ( what we did last year)

Chad Reed: I’ve been on the bike since right before monster cup. Doing two nights of racing in Australia I learnt a lot. Right now everything feels good but at the same time u have to go racing and roll with the punches. It definitely took time but all good things rake time (the factory Yamaha deal) I don’t know when rhe end is but I’d like to do a few more.

Eli Tomac: its definitely the biggest injury I’ve had in my career but iv had the time to heal up. For the time we’ve had I think we have it really competitive and good enough to win. It’s so far so good and I guess we will find out Saturday. I have another year under my belt so hopefully experience will help.

James Stewart: I feel good. The off season didn’t go as good as it could racing – wise. But the last few weeks I’ve been back on the bike and the guys came down and worked on a few things at the house (florida). It’s the best I’ve felt in a long time. I’m excited to be back racing. Last year I learned how to be happy without motorcycles. Last year was probably one of the best year’s of my life I found a lot of cool things personally and got to enjoy myself at home. I had a chance to find myself.

Justin Barcia: Everyone will have to ride the same stuff (if it’s muddy). But we have been practicing in the dry. We will see what happens. It looks they are doing a good job with the track but rain or shine we are ready to race.

Marvin Musquin: It’s finally time to move up to the 450 class. It’s a dream to race this class and be competitive. It’s time to race and see where I’m at. I’ve raved 250s for many years but had many injuries including my acl two times. It’s a big challenge, a new bike, new competitors and I’m very excited about it.

Trey Canard: I had a great time since monster cup. I had a great trip to Japan. I am excited to go racing rain or shine, I think everyone up here is excited. Health is good and Lord willing we will make it through the season. I would like to be there each race that’s what it’s going to take.

Davi Millsaps: We have done a lot of riding between Monster Cup and now. My speed and has come around. I don’t mind the mud I think it calms the nerves to go into the first round if it’s a mudder. I think we are in a good spot with my bike so I’m looking forward to it.

Jason Anderson:I think people’s perception of what I did off the track was not what Aldon does! I feel we have clicked and we have a good group down there. I feel good on rhe track and hopefully we can get a podium at A1 like wee did last year. My new Husqvarna is pretty killer and hopefully I can step up my game a bit more this year

Cole Seely: I think if I can pick up where I left off last year it would be awesome. The bike is in a good position, I made a few switched this year and I’m excited to see how that works out.

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