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Anaheim pre-race supercross quotes

Anaheim pre-race supercross quotes
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Hill: It’s more where the power lies, (preferring the 450) I can ride it more like myself and when I get on it I feel super comfortable. It seems to click right away, I feel amazing, I have had a phenomenal off-season with no crashes. I’m ready.

Plessinger: As long as I keep my head cool, my starts good and keep it on two wheels I think I can battle with these guys.

Reed: I’m excited even though it is my 18th straight year doing this, I have a rookie on my team, being around a younger group of guys and feeding off that and enjoy the moment. At the end of the day racing is racing and to get the job done it hasn’t changed (in 18 years) I raced some of the best guys in the world, and now its embracing the moment because you know you don’t have a lot of years left. the tracks are fast and not as technical, the whoops aren’t as important you have to work on your turns. I would take old school tracks with current generation 450, I think that would be fun.

Roczen: I’ve learned a lot, this stuff (injuries) is in the past and I want to look forwad to this season. I’m in a way different postion than I was last year. I’m happy where I’m at and have a good feeling. I’m going to go out there have fun and be aggressive at the same time.  I took time off after Des Nations, I started a little later than most people because in previous years I had been maybe peaking in mid-december. I’m happier than I’ve ever been with the bike. I want to keep the nerves calm and have a good results. My arms are the best they have been since all the inuries its pretty much like nothing ever happened to me.

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Barcia: I had a great off-season, last year was kind of unknown to me. I didn’t do anything different, I got married and had a solid off-season. last year I didn’t have a lot of testing time, I had to work so hard to get back to this position, I’m enjoying being with my teammate Aaron its weird being a veteran I think we feed off each other well.

Musquin: Last year injuring my shoulder slowed me down fo four or five rounds. I just want to be a little bit more consistent, I’m happy to be here and ready to go.  The off-season was different than last year, I had a little issue with the knee but I was still able to get some time on the bike and get the knee fixed.

Tomac: last year I was leading this main event, and I ended up making a mistake. The goal is to get through this round with more that one point! If we can leave on the podium that would be great. I’m good (injury rumours) the whole off-season was fine, I am ready to rip.  

Anderson:   Obviously last year went really well for me. I had a lot of wins at the beginning and I had a good points gap. These guys are going to be faster, I want to get good starts and if the opportunity is going to be there I’ll take it. I know its going to be good racing and these guys aren’t going to make it easy on me. I have goals myself I set out and want to accomplish, I’m still viewed as the under dog, Eli did win a lot of races last year and kicked my butt at most of the races! I just want to be in the battle for the points.

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