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A quick chat with Emil Weckman

A quick chat with Emil Weckman

This year is the third year that the EMX150 championship has been going and it has been growing every year. Previous winners of the championship Filippo Grigoletto and Albie Wilkie went on to get the Honda EMX250 ride which is promised to the winner of the championship. A talented Dutchman, Rick Elzinga also rode the class last year and he is currently second in the EMX85 championship so watch out for him in the future.

The EMX150 championship is a brilliant opportunity for young kids as the entry is free and all they have to do is pay for accommodation/flights, arrive at the track and a Honda will be there for them for all the rounds. The winner of the championship then has a guaranteed ride in the EMX250 class for the following year – a brilliant opportunity for any youngster coming through the ranks.

The class is the best it has ever been this year as there are more possible winners than before. Jack Blintcliffe and Emil Weckman are the two riders to already win moto’s this year, Albin Olsen has won an overall whilst Tim Edberg and Yago Martinez also have the speed to win a moto so the class is clearly more competitive than it has been in previous years.

The deal with Honda for the EMX150 championship ends at the end of this year but negotiations will be done in order to keep the series going for future years as it is clear that there is genuine talent in the class and it should keep getting better.

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Albin Larsen had the red plate after the first round but Emil Weckman rode awesome all weekend around the Matterley Basin circuit and finished first and second to win the round. He took advantage of some bad starts from Albin and grabbed the red plate off him.  It’s going to be a good battle right up until the last round to see who will win the championship and land themselves the EMX250 ride for 2016!

An emotional Emil took the time to talk to Gatedrop after his impressive win about what it’s like being in the same paddock as the best motocross riders in the world as well as how his season is going.

Gatedrop:  The first moto you rode well under pressure and took the win after you and Martinez after collided..

Emil Weckman: Yes, I like to ride under pressure so after the half of the race I just played it safe because I really wanted to get the 25points.

Gatedrop:  The second moto did you just settle for second because you knew that would win you the overall?

Emil Weckman: Yes, I wanted also to play it safe in the second moto because I knew that I was going to win a race and also take the red plate.

Gatedrop: You must be happy to have the red plate?

Emil Weckman: Yes, you know that I have the red plate and that makes me happy but it doesn’t mean so much in this situation because we have 4 rounds left.

Gatedrop: Coming into the season did you expect you’d be able to win?

Emil Weckman: Yes and no but in Honda camp in Spain; I was the fastest so I expect that I would do well.

Gatedrop: The EMX150 championship is a great opportunity for guys like you to get your name out, you must be enjoying the series?

Emil Weckman: Yes. It’s really nice to see some of the big riders and see how they are riding. Its also really nice to be in the same paddock as them.

Gatedrop: What’s it like riding on the same weekend as the GP guys like Cairoli, Nagl and Desalle etc.

Emil Weckman:  Yes, you know it’s really good to be able to ride on the big tracks and on the same weekend as the big riders in MXGP.

Gatedrop: There are some sand races coming up, what’s your speed like in the sand compared to hard pack?

Emil Weckman: I am just waiting for sand races, I love riding in the sand and the deep sand. I am faster on them but I also need to be training on hard pack tracks.

Article: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Nigel Mckinstry