Dean Wilson has opened up on overcoming negative thoughts and anxiety as he sat on the start line after undergoing through two tough years of injury in 2015 and 2016.

Wilson says he read a book called, ‘the secret,’ and the information he learnt helped him deal with negativity, allowing the Scot to be able enjoy racing and realise his potential again.

After revitalising his career, Wilson will once again be with the Rockstar Husqvarna 450 factory team in AMA supercross and motocross in 2020.

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I used to struggle so much mentally after my knee injuries in 2015/2016 (KTM days). I was really in a dark place. I wasn’t having fun and felt miserable but my mental state wasn’t rite. I had fear of always getting hurt again which slowed me down and created bad dark negative thoughts which created really bad anxiety. I have pushed passed those demons which wasn’t easy. But I started reading this book called “the secret” @thesecret365 ok I audio listened lol but I was a big @thenotoriousmma fan and he said the book helped him so I thought I would give it a go. So anyways long story short. This book helped me as I listened to keep the bad nasty dark thoughts out my head. I used to sit on the start line and literally think “what if i snap my femur over the triple, what if this happened, what if that, etc” I would think bad scary negative thoughts for literally no reason and getting them out my head was hard. I did go to a couple sports psychologists but I needed to figure it out on my own as it wasn’t just a flick of a switch change. This book taught me to get my mind in the right frequency and to always keep things in perspective how lucky I am to get to do what I do. It’s what I dreamed of as a kid and I want to enjoy it not be miserable. I say a thank you everyday for what I have in front of me. Another thing is keeping my surroundings in an environment I enjoy and has good energy… These are just a few things I thought I would share for people that sometimes are there own Demon like I am sometimes and if my little story can help you than perfect. If not I wasted 3 minutes of your time😂

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