Shaun Simpson: Shaun Simpson has been fantastic in the last couple of Grand Prix races! The track at Imola wasnt exactly a sand quarry either and Simpson was still superb on the jump-filled hard-pack track. This was Simpson at his best, good starts, strong races and minimal mistakes, this was the Simpson we had been hoping for all season. Indeed, if Simpson has this form four weeks ago, he probably would have been on that plane to a Red Bud this week! But the alqays smiling Scot has been really impressive the last few weeks and deserves another ride in MXGP in 2019.

Julien Lieber: The Belgian had a brilliant start and brilliant end to the season. Lieber had his best GP of the year with fourth overall and showed why he has got another year in the Kawasaki factory team. The 450 rookie had some injuries mid-season but has come back strong, again and impressive indicator of his mentality and determination alone with his ability to ride the big 450.

Jeremy Van Horebeek: Just in time for the MXON, Jeremy Van Horebeek seems to age found his form again, even if his future for 2019 remains unclear. The smooth Belgian has been riding injured most of the year but showed now that he is pain free that he still has what it takes to be a top five contender and top ten regular at Imola. Belgium could be very strong if all the riders ride to their potential at Red Bud and that carrot and responsibility of representing your country seems to have helped Van Horebeek find his form again.


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