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Who ages out of MX2 in 2020?

Who ages out of MX2 in 2020?
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We take a look at the MX2 World Championship riders that have to leave the class next year due to the under 23 age rule.

Henry Jacobi: Currently sitting fourth in the MX2 World Championship on his F&H Kawasaki, Jacobi is the best placed rider that ages out of MX2 in 2020. The German has had a great season and has put himself in the shop window for an MXGP ride. Rumours suggest he’ll be heading to the SM-Action Yamaha team.

Michele Cervellin: The Italian is somewhat under rated and unfortunately an injury this year meant he hasn’t been able to show us his true capabilities. Cervellin is a smooth rider and should suit the 450cc once he’s fully fit. The SM-Action Yamaha team have an option to keep him for MXGP but we are yet to find out if the team will make use of that option or only run Jacobi in the MXGP class.

Calvin Vlaanderen: An injury that put the HRC Honda rider out of action for a while means he’s down in ninth in the World Championship but he’s arguably the best MX2 guy that has to make the move to MXGP.  Rumours suggest that the HRC Honda team won’t be keeping Vlaanderen around for 2020 – some might think it’s a strange decision as the latest talk suggests they’ll promote Evans into MXGP for next year. Vlaanderen is a really smooth rider and should suit the 450cc but at the moment is looking for a ride. He’s got lots of potential so let’s hope he gets something in MXGP. There had been rumours HSF Logistics could start their team again but he’s described that as “nonsense”. If he doesn’t secure an MXGP ride, America could be an option for Vlaanderen.

Adam Sterry: It’s been a great season for Sterry in MX2 as he currently sits sixth in the championship standings. Considering starts for most the season have been an issue he’s quietly having a strong season and his best to date. The F&H Kawasaki rider told us he’s looking forward to racing the 450cc and is currently in talks for 2020.

“I am speaking to people but it’s difficult. There’s a lot of people going up, there’s more oversea GP’s so teams need big budgets. At the moment I have nothing but hopefully out of the people I’m speaking too I can sort something out and hopefully I can be back in MXGP next year. My style and with my weight, for sure it’s better on the 450cc. I am actually looking forward to riding the 450cc for many years”, Sterry stated.

Brent van Doninck: It feels like the Belgian has been around forever but he’s still just twenty three years old. Van Doninck has showed some good speed this year but due to bad starts and bike issues the results maybe haven’t matched that. The Belgian currently hasn’t got a ride for 2020 but he might be worth a gamble.

Darian Sanayei: This year just hasn’t gone according to plan for the American. After getting Epstein Barr virus it meant for over half the season he couldn’t ride during the week and is only starting to feel better now that the season is towards the end. Sanayei was hoping for a strong last season in MX2 so he could probably pick up a ride in America but that might be diffcicult now. Steven Dixon has got an option to keep him for MXGP in case he can’t secure a ride in America so that’s not a bad option for the American to have.

Iker Larranaga: The Spanish rider is quite under rated, he’s fast! After signing with the Marchetti KTM for 2019 it promised to be a good season for Larranaga but an injury has halted his season which is a shame. Larranaga will be hoping to secure a ride in MXGP but it’s not going to be easy. Perhaps Spain KTM will step up to help him.

Article: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Nigel McKinstry

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