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Watson not happy with Ottobiano performance

Watson not happy with Ottobiano performance
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The Monster Energy Kemea Yamaha MX2 Team travelled from Riola Sardo to the icy Ottobiano last weekend for the second round of the Internationali d’Italia. Watson finished fifth in the MX2 class, just in front of his teammate Jago Geerts.

After the snowfall of last week the sandy Ottobiano track was in rough condition with deep ruts and tricky bumps. Watson took a decent start (third) in the MX2-race, while Geerts hesitated at the gate and had to come back from way back behind. Watson couldn’t find his normal rhythm, but was still close to the second place. In the end the Briton had problems with some lapped riders and dropped to fifth place. Meanwhile Geerts came back strongly through the pack, finishing in sixth position.

In the Elite-race, together with the best MXGP-riders, both Monster Energy Kemea Yamaha riders missed their start. Watson was stuck in the middle of the pack while Geerts had some mechanical problems and was forced to make a pit stop after the first lap. Watson wasn’t riding at his best level, but managed to finish in 10th place. Geerts was already one lap behind al the other riders when he left pit lane and considered the race as a thorough training.

The Monster Energy Kemea Yamaha MX2 Team will now have one weekend of rest, before heading to Hawkstone Park for their third international race.

#193 Jago Geerts
6th + 25th place

“I had a bad start in the first moto because I reacted a bit too late at the gate. I could pass a lot of riders in the first laps and came back into sixth position. But then I struggled a lot with arm pump. I didn’t want to take any risks and just finished the race in sixth position. The second moto, with the MXGP-riders, was a disaster. I had a mechanical problem at the start and was forced to make a pit stop after the first lap. When I left pit lane I was already more than a lap behind everybody else, so I decided to consider it as a good training session.”

#919 Ben Watson
5th + 10th place

“It was not a good day, I didn’t enjoy riding this race. During qualifying I didn’t have a good feeling and made many mistakes. We changed the bike a lot. During the first moto I could take a good start, but rode very under my potential. Nevertheless, I was making my way closer to second place, but then had some trouble with the lapped riders and lost some places. During the second moto my start was not very good and I struggled to ride with enthusiasm on this track. I am looking forward to getting to the first GP in Argentina to ride a real race and ride to my proper level.”

Words: Kemea Yamaha

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