David Vuillemin has posted a scathing attack on the French Federation on Social media after he was banned from being part of the French team as coach for Dylan Ferrandis.

Vuillemin calls out the French Federation president, team manager and Gautier Paulin (a rider he previously coached) saying Paulin shouldn’t be on the team and is the third best 450 rider from France.

Read what an angry DV had to say on Facebook below:

So, I won’t go to MXON in one month. Pascal Finot (Team France’s manager) told me I am not welcomed inside Team France for that competition. Helping, coaching, giving advises to Dylan without being part of Team France, without being there, is not really positive to produce a great work. In a way I can understand and I accept it because I did criticize the choice of riders for the team, or should I say the non-choice concerning Marvin Musquin, who’s the best French rider right now.

I think it is sad to see that the differences in opinions is more important than to have the trainer of one of the three riders by his side for this particular race, which is the most important one. There is a lot more to say that “good start, full gas, don’t crash” in the coaching of a pro rider, if not anyone could coach Dylan and make him win races like he did this year.

Anyway, I’m grateful mister Bolles (French Federation president and the man who chose the three riders for MXON), mister Finot and Gautier Paulin for another week without doing anything, I’m probably just going to enjoy californian sun or something like that.

Thanks again Mr Finot, who just like always, is just transfering messages and orders from the French Federation. I can see that it is more important to be careerist and follow orders from the boss in the job these days…

And finally thanks Mr Paulin. My hat off to him for being indisputable en being the number 1 rider to the the unofficial breeder. He is the 3rd best French rider at the moment on a 450. To the eyes of most of us, he is the 1st on the paper, yeah, the 1st reservist. Bravo.

And the worst in this story is that they have high chances of victory by surfing on this success wave they’ve had the last few years in this competition. I never said they can’t win without Marvin but that would have been less difficult with him, clear and simple.

For my part, I’m gonna do the maximum to prepare the MX2 rider of the team and so that he ends up being the first 250 in both races. Unlike some people, I don’t care about the emotionnal and the ego side of things in the business to have the better result. I can understand everybody can’t think that way. Clearly…”


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