Video: Tomac takes out Webb (and himself) at Daytona!

Eli Tomac got very aggressive going for the lead in the heat race at Daytona and took out race leader Cooper Webb but also took out himself!

Webb then proceeded to stand on Tomac’s bike to pick his own up first, meaning Eli was left even more frustrated waiting for Webb to remount before he could get back on his Monster Energy Kawasaki!

Speaking on the incident during the press conference, Tomac said: “We are both going to have different opinions I will tell you that! There was a bit of cross jumping going on in the rhythm lane, I got pissed off and went for the take-out.”

Webb also gave his version of events: “I was racing hard and I did come over a few times, I knew he was mad and heard him come in and it was bummer we both went down, that’s never good, he told me welcome to the 450 class! I just want to say, thanks I’m here!”

Next week could be interesting if they get together again.


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