Jeremy Van Horebeek has revealed he had shoulder surgery to fix some stretched ligaments following a crash at Trentino.

Speaking to Lisa Leyland before the start of the qualifying race, Van Horebeek explained he had a bike issue that caused the crash and he went straight for surgery that Monday.

He was supposed to be off the bike for five weeks and this weekend was the culmination of those five weeks so JVH lined up to give it a go having not told anyone about the injury!

“I’m not fit at all,” said Van Horebeek, “ I got surgery and everything is okay but I had to be off the bike for five weeks, so today is five weeks. It’s going to be a difficult weekend for me but we will manage to get though it safe.”

Van Horebeek went well in the qualifier to take ninth overall and continue his impressive season on a privateer team!


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