Heading into the final, it was Cyrille Coulon who was looking good on his Team SR75 Suzuki as he was able to win both of his heats prior to the main event of the first round.

Banks-Browne and Charles Lefrancois won the other two heats as they were looking comfortable in Manchester. However, Banks-Browne went off the track when leading his second heat which meant he needed to go the LCQ head to head!

Charles Lefrancois put in the quickest lap during the hot lap competition which give him added confidence going into the final!

It was a very competitive head to head LCQ as two of the hot favourites coming into the event, Cedric Soubeyras and Thomas Ramette needed to progress through it in order to even get to the final.

When the gate dropped for the main event it was the man of the moment, Charles Lefrancois with the holeshot and he led from start to finish! Coulon was second the entire moto and couldn’t get close enough to Lefrancois to make a move but he was able to hold off his team mate, Ramette who was challenging him.

Cedric Soubeyras wasn’t even in the top ten on the first lap but he put on a charge ending up fourth at the finish passing some top runners in the form of Izoird and Escoffier. The French totally dominated the first round as the top six riders were all french! The best Brit and non-French rider was Jack Brunell as he came home in a solid seventh.

In the Pro Lites, it was Joe Clayton who did the double on the night on his Kawasaki. Jason Meara was impressive on his I-Fly JK Yamaha debut ending up third and second in the moto’s – consistency win’s titles so he needs to continue to do the same at the remaining rounds. Chris Bayliss ended up third overall as it looks like those three will battle it out for the title.

Carl Osterman won the Supermini class and it was Harvey Antrobus winning the 65cc class.

Pro Heat One:

  1. Elliot Banks-Browne
  2. Adrien Escoffier
  3. Dan Reardon
  4. Hugo Basaula
  5. Adam Chatfield

Pro Heat Two:

  1. Cyrille Coulon
  2. Charles Lefrancois
  3. Fabien Izoird
  4. Thomas Ramette
  5. Jack Brunell

Pro Heat Three:

  1. Charles Lefrancois
  2. Cedric Soubeyras
  3. Dan Reardon
  4. Fabien Izoird
  5. Adrien Escoffier

Pro Heat Four:

  1. Cyrille Coulon
  2. Ashley Greedy
  3. Hugo Basaula
  4. Jack Brunell
  5. Adam Chatfield

Pro Main Event:

  1. Charles Lefrancois
  2. Cyrille Coulon
  3. Thomas Ramette
  4. Cedric Soubeyras
  5. Fabien Izoird
  6. Adrien Escoffier
  7. Jack Brunell
  8. Hugo Basaula
  9. Adam Chatfield
  10. Dan Reardon

Pro Lites Final One:

  1. Joe Clayton
  2. Chris Bayliss
  3. Jason Meara
  4. Scooter Webster
  5. Billy King

Pro Lites Final Two:

  1. Joe Clayton
  2. Jason Meara
  3. Chris Bayliss
  4. Scooter Webster
  5. Oliver Benton

Supermini Final:

  1. Carl Osterman
  2. Buster Hart
  3. Raife Broadley
  4. Robert Storer
  5. Kai Tucker

65cc Final:

  1. Harvey Antrobus
  2. Shaun Mahoney
  3. Jake Davies
  4. Zane Stephens
  5. Kyron Carron





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