Wilvo Yamaha have become the premier Yamaha team this season since the injury to factory Yamaha man Romain Febvre and the strong start to the season for Gautier Paulin.

The Frenchman has been the best he has in years and, aside from a crash at Valkenswaard hasn’t been out of the top five and just scored yet another third place on overall.

Third in the championship, Paulin isn’t quite on the pace of Gajser and Cairoli but he is doing what he can to stay with them and learn that intensity.

Gautier Paulin: “It always feels good to be on the podium and I am happy to be on the box. I know I have some work to do to step up and challenge the leaders, because I want to join the battle for the lead. It is nice to battle hard for a position, as a racer, and it is cool to listen to the crowd go crazy. I could hear them this weekend and that was pretty special. Now we will go back to work to make the bike better, to make myself better and hopefully be in that battle at Mantova.”

After a full year out from injury Arnaud Tonus has been getting himself back to race pace in the toughest class in the world, and at Arco his technical smooth style paid off. With Tonus riding great to take two very impressive fourth places giving the Wilvo squad third and fourth overall and a great reward for all the investment they have put in as well as the faith they kept Tonus.

Arnaud Tonus: “It is hard to explain how I feel after the struggle I have been faced with over the last week. It is pretty unbelievable. I am so happy I was able to fight through it and find some inside strength. I did not tell anyone I was unwell, because I did not want it to affect me mentally. 4-4 this weekend is absolutely amazing after the struggle, so I am just very thankful to the team who have stuck behind me through my hardest times. I cannot thank them enough. It has given me a lot of motivation going into the next races.”


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