Eli Tomac had a bizarre main event that saw him be in the battle for the lead while third until Cooper Webb, the championship leader, put a slightly out of control, aggressive pass on the Kawasaki man. From there Tomac wasn’t the same guy, dropping off the pace to a distant fourth losing more points to Webb in the title hunt.

Tomac is now 21 points behind Webb with six rounds to go.

Tomac said: “Tonight was a tough pill to swallow for me. I rode well tonight but a couple minor errors on a tricky track ultimately cost me. I am happy to be leaving here healthy and already looking forward to Seattle next weekend.”

Savatgy on 6th: “Man, today was just one of those days. I was super pumped to start the day as the fastest qualifier. It gave me the confidence that I needed to know I had the capability to contend for my first 450 podium, which is a bummer we fell short of that tonight. In the main event, I made a tiny mistake in the corner after the finish line jump that made me slide out and shuffled me back from second back to sixth. I tried making my way forward but the lapped traffic was heavy tonight. I’ll take the sixth but I am hungry for more now.”​

Forkner holeshots Pic: Kawasaki

Forkner on 1st: “I am so pumped to be heading into this break with a full race points lead. I got sick this week so I told myself tonight we were going to damage control, and fortunately damage control tonight was good enough for another win. I am going to use this break to let my body rest, do some outdoor testing, and then get a nice base of supercross practice in before we get going again. The only thing on my mind right now is this championship and I would love to wrap it up before Vegas if possible, but regardless I am going to keep doing what I am doing because right now it is working for me.”

Davalos on 5th: There are a lot of positives for me to take away from tonight’s race. I obviously would have liked to get that heat race win and found the podium in the main event. I went to California this past week and we did a lot of testing that pointed us in the right direction. I am kind of sad we have the break because I feel like we are on to something. I am going to do some outdoor testing during the break with my teammates and then get ready for the last three races to finish the season out strong.”


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