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Tomac speaks out again after MXoN: I want revenge!

Tomac speaks out again after MXoN: I want revenge!
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US motocross champ, Eli Tomac, has continued reiterating his desire to get revenge on the GP riders and still seems angered by what happened at Red Bud and Herlings’ tweet. If Jeffrey Herlings, Tony Cairoli and the rest need any motivation for Assen next year, they already have it!

“It’s still in my head and my mind, it’s bugging me,” admitted Tomac in the MEC press conference despite just making a million dollars in a thrilling night in Vegas. “I know we are better than what we finished, but that’s why we go racing and we didn’t make it happen. I think it added probably three years on my career because I want to go over there and get revenge on those guys. All in all though, we did just get straight up beat.”

Of course the irony seems lost on Tomac and America that it appears a lot more arrogant to think you are the best in the world because your nationality is American and you win a summer US national motocross championship against riders who prefer the Saturday night show of supercross, when you haven’t beaten the world champ or raced the world championship and are just presuming superiority based on a national flag.

Yet, when the actual world champ wins a brutal 20 round world championship against riders who’s only priority is MXGP, says he is the best, that is somehow offensive to Tomac and America? It just doesn’t make any logical sense!

Tomac didn’t seem to be as adaptable as the GP riders at Red Bud. Pic: Doug Turney

Tomac says he wants to “go over there and get some revenge” but the only way to do that is to race the full world championship, not a one-off GP race or mistakenly thinking winning as team USA at a MXoN means you beat Europe, when Europe don’t even have a team. That’s the easy way out.

The real test is to prove your are best is to beat the world champ Herlings to the world title over 20 rounds. Then Tomac, like Herlings has done, will have earnt the right to call himself the best motocross rider in the world and everyone around the world will applaud him. Let’s hope that’s what he is talking about doing!

It’s time America got out of their bubble and showed more respect and appreciation for the what the world motocross championship means and stands for – it’s the pinnacle of outdoor racing. It’s the only measuring stick for the best motocross rider in the world and should be every rider’s ultimate dream.

Supercross doesn’t really count outside America, it’s great entertainment until the motocross season starts, but nothing beats the great outdoors. It’s what everyone identifies with around the world who’s ever ridden a motocross bike, it’s the grass roots, the real deal, the real test of grit and versatility. It’s something everyone can do but only the elite can do well and leave the rest of us watching in awe, on a track many have raced themselves.

Tomac found the going at Red Bud tough but won again once the he got back indoors. Pic: Doug Turney

In a recent interview with us, we asked Youthstream President Giuseppe Luongo about the chances of Tomac racing MXGP, “I don’t personally believe Tomac will come to MXGP, he would have too much to lose,” opined Luongo.

“To win in MXGP you have to be particularly prepared for it, not only physically but also mentally, and on top of that you need the special talent and an extremely strong will. In MXGP you have to change country every week, with different languages, foods, cultures, types of tracks, hotels, weather, etc, etc, there is not one venue similar to another and not one track similar to the other. To succeed in MXGP you have to adjust yourself each weekend, it must become your life, you have to breath it.”

Eli Tomac is the best in America Pic: Doug Turney

“And frankly, I see it difficult for an American star –who has their habits in their own country and who live a very organized life with tracks that are similar, with similar food at each venue, same language every weekend, same culture, they don’t have such significant changes in their hotel rooms– to come to MXGP and succeed. It’s different when an American rider comes to the MXGP world when they are young, like Covington, Sanayei or Weltin who live here and have grown up with the MXGP way, they like this life and they can succeed.”

But with no world motocross title since 1994, Eli Tomac, who actually is a nice, quiet, hard-working guy, is without doubt America’s best chance to get one as it stands.

But will he back himself enough to take on the ultimate motorcycling challenge against the best all-round motocross riders on the planet and prove he is the best?

Does he really want revenge that badly?

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