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Tomac on his 450 US MX title – all about consistency

Tomac on his 450 US MX title – all about consistency
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Eli Tomac clinched his third US National motocross championship on a row last weekend, the first man since Ricky Carmichael to achieve such a feat but the American wasn’t expecting to clinch it at Budds Creek!

“I mean, yeah it was possible, but the way these guys are riding right now, the way Kenny and Marvin rode last week, for one I would have to be way more on my game this week, and I happened to be that, and then these guys had to fall a couple of positions back, but happened,” said Tomac.

“It was good to get it done,” he admitted. “Taking it to the last round always gets you spun up no matter what you tell yourself. You are always nervous, getting it done this round is pretty awesome.

On how the three 450 titles compare Eli commented: “It’s tough to beat the first one always but they are all different and unique in their own way. Last year I won more races, this year was my fifth overall, this year was all about the consistency and never having that really bad result, overall just a solid year.”

But he does admit supercross is what he really wants to complete his AMA title collection. “Supercross -that’s something I would love to have, it’s a different goal. It’s something we haven’t accomplished yet, we have a little bit of time off here, but yeah always hungry for that supercross (title).”

Pics: Kawasaki

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