Philip McCullough, the Irish team manager has posted the following message on social media confirming the team he has picked for the 2017 Motocross Des Nations event.

“On Tuesday 27th June, the MX commission meeting took place at the Carrickdale hotel in Dundalk, top of the agenda was the rider selection for this years MXON in Matterley Basin, England..
The 6 names and riders I as Team Manager put forward were, in no particular order..
Martin Barr
Graeme Irwin
Stuart Edmonds
Jason Meara
Richard Bird
Gary Gibson
I had to then leave the room to allow the other commission members to discuss this matter and confirm the selected riders.
I’m now pleased to announce, after contacting the 4 riders that..
The Ireland MXON Team 🇮🇪 for 2017 will be
Graeme Irwin
Martin Barr
Stuart Edmonds
Reserve rider is Richard Bird
I personally am looking forward to working alongside these 4 very professional athletes and preparing ourselves in the best possible way in the lead up to the event on October 1st
Philip McCullough
Team Manager”

In order to keep up with the latest news regarding the team, follow the teams official facebook page here.

Pic: Adriano Dondi


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