TBT video: US Open 1999 – Emig’s last win!

We throwback to 1999 in what ended up as Jeff Emig’s last win in America.

It was a big moment of redemption for the former supercross champ, who had lost his way since winning everything in 1997 and eventually lost his factory Kawasaki ride in 99 after being caught with recreational drugs on an off-weekend.

Emig made a u-turn in his life, got a Yamaha as a privateer and was intent on challenging McGrath for the 2000 supercross title.

Things started off great at the US Open but then he broke both arms just days before A1 to ruin his supercross return. But things got even worse when broke his back while getting ready for the outdoors and that injury would ultimately end his racing career, making the US Open in 99 the last big victory for one of the greatest riders of the 90s.


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