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Talking point: The 2020 MXGP Calendar

Talking point: The 2020 MXGP Calendar
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Andy McKinstry: Infront Moto Racing recently announced the new 2020 calendar for the MXGP World Championship. One thing I was hoping to see on the new calendar was less fly away races and that’s what we have – the organisers do listen to the teams sometimes! Whilst Turkey and Argentina still appear on the calendar there’s talk they might not go ahead as planned so there could still be changes to the calendar.

There’s the introduction of double and triple GP’s on the new calendar and honestly I think that’s a great idea. Basically it means Infront can still hold a lot of races and the teams have less travelling to do – it’s win win for everyone. The organisers have clearly tried to make the best of a bad situation and try to save the 2020 MXGP World Championship which is good to see. Three GP’s in Latvia, three GP’s in Belgium and a double GP in Faenza have been introduced. It’s going to be interesting to see how they change the tracks for each round and how rough tracks get.

There’s more sand on the calendar than usual but I don’t really see an issue with this, there’s usually a lot more hard pack and the sand riders have had to adapt to race the sand so now the table has turned. Most GP riders ride sand throughout the winter anyway so there’s no excuse not to be prepared for the sand.

With one day formats (one day EMX/WMX followed by MX2 and MXGP the following day) there’s going to be less track time on a race day – hopefully the track crew don’t completely flatten the tracks overnight otherwise tracks might not get the roughest which would be a shame.  Midweek racing is going to be quite strange but still pretty cool after going so long with racing at all.

It’s unfortunate for the likes of Loket and Teutschenthal who have a GP every year that it’s just not meant to be this year but they’ll be welcomed back with open arms in 2021!

Whilst the one day format’s are a good idea for this year, hopefully in 2021 the calendar can go back to normal. From the fans point of view the best thing about MXGP is seeing the worlds best on track two days in a row.

The Motocross Des Nations at Matterley Basin is still TBC, if that does run and hopefully it does the format still needs to be revealed. I think introducing GP points is a good idea but it’ll be hard to incorporate it into the format. I think the best thing to do is run a normal GP on the Saturday then the Motocross Des Nations on the Sunday – that would be cool!

Anyway it’s not long until the MXGP World Championship gets underway at Latvia and I can’t wait for plenty of racing action to come our way. I’m sure there will be plenty of battles and surprises around the corner – bring it on!

Jonathan McCready “It is what it is.” It’s saying made famous by Chad Reed during his career and I think it aptly applies to the revised calendar for the 2020 MXGP world championship. Variety is key for the world championship and having eight rounds on three tracks, (Kegums, Lommel and Faneza) isn’t ideal. It would have been nice to see a couple of extra tracks within those countries but, under the circumstances it’s something that clearly had to be done to get the season back under way and a decent amount of rounds in for the 2020 season.

There is still enough hard pack and sand as well as everything in between to make a true test of a motocross rider’s ability on all surfaces in different countries to create a valid test to decide the best rider in the world but there is no doubt those two extra Lommel Grand Prix events give Cairoli, Herlings an edge of Gajser that wouldn’t normally have been there but it’s something Tim and the rest of the riders will just have to adapt too.

And with Faenza on the calendar it might give Gajser, who excels on hard pack, something to get his teeth into in September to try and gain a few points on Cairoli and Herlings before the sand races in Lommel.

As we saw with Marc Marquez in MotoGP last weekend, one mistake can potentially cost you a world title this year more than any other with such a tightly packed schedule with virtually no time to recover from injuries big or small, so it might be the smartest guy rather than the fastest guy that the schedule favours in 2020.

Despite the calendar not being perfect, to have a large number of MXGP rounds is a lot better than nothing and I can’t wait to see the season restarted!

Pic: Infront Moto Racing


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