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Samuele Bernardini secures another ride!

After leaving Factory TM before the GP of Czech Republic at Loket, it left Italian, Samuele Bernardini without a ride for the rest of the...

Who won’t be racing the MX2 World Championship in 2019!

Due to the under 23 age rule and other circumstances there's a total of seven riders that we definitely won't be seeing in the...

Video: Samuele Bernardini GoPro lap of Trentino!

Samuele Bernardini takes you around this weekends MXGP track in Italy.

Why the Indonesian MXGP was great to watch!

The Indonesian round of the MXGP world championship has taken a lot of criticism over the last couple of days. And it is understandable...

MX2: Who impressed in Indonesia?

The second round of the World Championship headed to Indonesia and even though it was only the second round, it was the first mud...

No points awarded for MX2 Race two?

The second MX2 race that took place in Indonesia today was red flagged with seven minutes before the end. After the race they give...

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Herbreteau looking for a ride in 2019

Young French talent, David Herbreteau is looking for a ride next year. The French rider showed a lot of promise in the EMX125 class...

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