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Interview: Cailum Meara on his start to the season!

With the Ulster and Irish motocross championships underway, Cailum Meara looks to have stepped up his game for the 2018 season. Young Cailum joins his...

New look British two-stroke and MXY2 championship!

A series of innovative changes will result in a box-fresh 2018 Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship supported by Pro Clean. With the 2018 calendar almost...

Spanish talent to contest MXY2 this weekend!

Young Spanish talent, Yago Martinez has put in a last-minute entry to contest the MXY2 Championship at Desertmartin this weekend. You might remember Martinez...

Meara brothers join Edmonds on injury list!

Unfortunate news just a week before the start of the British Championship at Culham as John and Cailum Meara have both suffered from crashes...

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