SD Events are proud to announce that Matterley Basin will host its 10th year of racing (‘06 & consecutively since ‘11) with the British Motocross Grand Prix as the opening MXGP European round in 2019. We are continually grateful for the support that many of you have given us as we work hard to create stability and sustainability for the British Motocross Grand Prix, and allowing Matterley Basin to become a staple track of the MXGP Calendar.
Taking place on the 24th March, this will be the earliest we have seen the MXGP calendar on British soil. This brings a huge roster of strong, fit riders eager to set an early dominance on one of the all-time favourite tracks. The opening European round is also used by many companies as a platform to unveil new projects, as well as new liveries from teams. Where better than Great Britain?

While the idea of a March Grand Prix may throw up questions in regards to the weather, it’s important to remember that in this country nothing is guaranteed – Just think of the Glastonbury Festival – a complete mudbath in July! We have had our fair share of good, bad, and downright terrible weather throughout the many dates we have held at Matterley (none of which have ever been cancelled) so we believe it’s better to focus on the things we can control in order to bring the best event possible. With an earlier date both travel and accommodation will be cheaper, as well as hopefully missing any conflicting dates with club races. Don’t forget we’ve also introduced a FREE shuttle bus from Winchester that has proven extremely popular and has reduced the number of cars on site!
Preparations for 2019 are already underway after very positive feedback from this years event both with attendees and the local council. If you’d like to be involved in making the 2019 British Motocross Grand Prix one of the best yet, either through sponsorship or any ideas you have, please contact us via e-mail or facebook!

Steve Dixon – Promoter
“As you know I am extremely passionate and positive about the GP’s, it is my 30th straight year in GP’s since starting in 1990 for Yamaha as a mechanic for Jeremy Whateley. It makes me very proud to bring the British GP back to Matterley for 2019, especially as the European opener.
I remember the great events I attended at the Winchester club (as a rider) on new Year’s day, Hawkstone Park on New years day (with the team), then the Shell Series in February at Foxhills followed GP at Foxhill in July getting cancelled as the pits were completely flooded.
Earlier this year I was already thinking about the having the British GP as the season opener for 2019, so I filmed Darian Sanayei at Matterley in February. The conditions were perfect, and I’ve put a video up on our facebook page to show what it was like!
I’m confident this will be a great British GP, we have a really solid team and are all excited for the new date. As always we will prepare to the best of our ability… The rest is down to you, the fans to spread the word and bring the biggest crowd in 2019 to set the standard for the rest of the season!”
Be sure to visit our website to sign up for information on when early-bird tickets are launched later this year.

Words: Britmxgp

Pic: Youthstream


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