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Searle on being a factory rider again and plans for the future

Searle on being a factory rider again and plans for the future
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Tommy Searle spoke with Lisa Leyland and Paul Malin on what it’s like being part of the Factory Kawasaki team and plans for the future.

“I’m enjoying my time with KRT, I’m enjoying my time in the GP’s more now than I have done the last five years even with the injuries. I know that the bike is so good at the starts so if I struggle in qualifying, I just think no drama’s, I’ll get a start tomorrow and I’ll hang in. That gives me so much hope coming to the races knowing I’ve got the tools to do the job. That’s all I can ask for, a team doing everything and now I’ve the opportunity to do the same, I’m really enjoying my racing”, said Searle.

The Brit has been linked with a British Championship ride in 2020 but has stated if that is the case that he’ll do wildcard MXGP races and maybe even an AMA National if it’s possible.

“They could be (my last two GP’s), I’ll see how I feel at the end of them. I mean I’m not going to race GP’s if I feel I don’t have a package that I can fight up front because mentally it’s difficult coming to the races when you know you don’t have the bike to do the job.  Not that the team’s haven’t been doing the best that they possibly can but I’ve experienced now riding a factory team of what the other riders are on. They’re all great riders like myself and I feel like I’m one of the top riders if I had the base settings of a winter on a team like this – I can be as good as everyone”.

“I don’t want to put myself through it, racing for something you can’t really achieve. We’ll see what happens, if an opportunity comes up then great but if not I’m happy with where I’m at. I love racing GP’s, if I don’t do a full season I’d still love to do selected rounds and maybe some AMA races but nothing is set in stone yet”, Searle added.

Pic: Kawasaki

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