Joey Savatgy has called Eli Tomac out for not thanking him for moving over at the Monster Energy Cup to allow Tomac to the Million and also said Tomac didn’t even congratulate him for having a baby!

“I know I would have won that race, I don’t care what anyone says,” explained Savatgy on the Swapmoto podcast with Micheal Lindsay.

We crossed the finish line and I got second Iw as years whatever, Eli was stoked. Everyone was having a good time, it was awesome. His mum and dad came up to me and said, ‘ we really appreciate what you did.’ His mechanics came up to me and shade, really appreciate that, it means a lot. At the time I said I would do it again, fast forward now nine or ten months later, I’ve yet to hear a thank you from that guy. I never got a high five, I never got nothing from that guy.

“I’m very subtle about things, I’m very precise on the motorcycle, knew how much time I needed to give up for him to get close, was he a little bit closer than he anticipated in the sand, yes, of course for the most I did a very good job of being very subtle about losing the amount of time needed so he would be close.

Pic: Kawasaki

“People thinking I got paid, that is hilarious. I never got a thank you or a handshake, I never got acknowledgement the whole year about it. Would I do it again? There ain’t a chance in the world I would ever do that again, because I felt I did what was right. At the end of the day if you don’t want to pay, I made you x amount of extra dollars that night, I didn’t have to do that, I chose to do that. If you don’t want to pay me, I don’t give a shit. Have the common courtesy to come and say ‘thank you, I appreciate that, you made it easier on me.’

“Like I said he doesn’t have to agree with me when I say I would have won that race, he can disagree with me all day long if he wants, and that’s fine with me.

“The money part is irrelevant, I never got a thank you, I get we are not friends but it’s still the common courtesy. Your only family came up to me and said thank you, you mechanic came up to me and said thank you, your own suspension guys came up to me and said thank you, you didn’t even acknowledge that.

Tomac wouldn’t acknowledge Savatgy helped him win the millions Pic: Kawasaki

“You couldn’t pay to go back and do that again, he burned a bridge, all I wanted was a simple thanks, I would age been content with that, to at least acknowledge their was a sacrifice on my end because as it turns out that would have been my only win on the Kawasaki all year. It would have moved me from third to second overall, and guess what I lost out on money because of that.

“At one time they had agreed they were going to pay, we talked to Eli’s dad for the most part and we had one at the track meeting during testing where Eli was involved. They had agreed to pay me the difference of what it cost me between the race win and the second and third overall it was a decent amount, maybe not for him but for someone like me that was a good amount of money. We all were set on it and had shaken and we’re good with it, weeks go by and then they bailed out and said they didn’t want to do it, they had their reasoning.

“I don’t know why you would agree with something if you had no intentions of doing it, it’s almost as if they agreed with it to stop us bringing it up then once we agreed to something it died down. Then Eli’s dad came back to em and said, ‘ hey we’re not doing it.’ And that was the end of it.”

Savatgy is currently looking for a ride after being replaced at Kawasaki by Adam Cianciarulo but one thing is for sure, he won’t be pulling over to help any teammates at the MEC again!



  1. I always thought tomac was a dirt bag and this just confirms it ‘ a spoiled brat with no social skills and the world owes him ! An embarrassment to the sport and to team Kawasaki ! Kick his ass to the kerb kawi ! Glad he has never won supercross title and I am a life long kawi rider and supporter 👎

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