Young Finn, Kim Savaste started the season with the Pfeil Kawasaki team but after leaving then he was left without a ride.

However, Savaste has went to Italy to test with the Revolution racing team/fly over steels dr jack KTM team.

He hasn’t yet signed a contract but there’s a good chance he will and then later contest the Italian Championship and the EMX250 series or the MX2 World Championship.

The ex Junior World Champion has had his tough time with injuries but it’d be nice for him to put them behind him and end the season strongly.

Kim Savaste: “The team is Revolution racing team KTM. The team is working together with fly over steels dr jack ktm team.
A few weeks ago, Paco Rico spoke with this team and suggested me to go test for them.
The time after Adac in Fürstlich Drehna i wasn’t riding because i didn’t have a bike in Finland. I was just running a lot and also did some cycling and gym work. It was hard to be off the bike and i gave 100% with the physical training such as running. I started to do a lot more intense training with intervals and tempo runs than before.

Then in the mid june I decided to come to Italy for the test. I hadn’t been on the bike for a long time but I felt good riding the KTM already in the beginning. Of course I need some time to be 100% and also to start improving. Right now I don’t have a contract. I’m just here to train and test now, later we’ll see about the contract.
Later on I would be racing Italian championship and either EMX250 or MX2, which i haven’t decided yet.

Thank you to the team for the opportunity. Also thanks to my parents, Paco Rico, Betonipumppaus Laatikainen, Aito Hienosokeria, Kukka mökki and all the sponsors and people that has helped me along the way”.


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