It was a good start to the season for Hardi Roosiorg on his Sahkar KTM as he prepares for the EMX250 season. Roosiorg edged out the young van de Moosdijk in both the moto’s. Freek van der Vlist contested his first race on his Carglass Honda and secured third overall.

In the MX1 class it was Luca Nijenhuis with the double win. Van der Mierden was strong on his Yamaha as he secured second overall with Lars Van Berkel the last man on the podium.

Raf Meuwissen got his season underway to a great start by winning the overall in the 125cc class. Dankers won the first moto of the day but couldn’t do better than fourth in the second moto. Swedish youngster, Filip Olsson rounded off the podium.

Liam Everts got his season underway to a superb start as he won the first 85cc moto. He also had a great battle with Kay De Wolf in moto two but just missed out on the moto win on that one but it was enough to still win the overall on the day. Scott Smulders ended up third overall ahead of the talented Dave Kooiker.

MX2 Moto One:

  1. Hardi Roosiorg
  2. Roan van de Moosdijk
  3. Freek van der Vlist
  4. Micha-boy de Waal
  5. Rasmus Hakansson
  6. Jakob Nielsen
  7. Youri vant Ende
  8. Ralph Slager
  9. Jesper Gangfors
  10. Rico Lommers

MX2 Moto Two:

  1. Hardi Roosiorg
  2. Roan van de Moosdijk
  3. Freek van der Vlist
  4. Marshal Weltin
  5. Sander Agard-Michelsen
  6. Youri van’t Ende
  7. Jesper Gangfors
  8. Ralph Slager
  9. Bastian Bøgh Damm
  10. Hampus Kahrle

MX1 Moto One:

  1. Luca Nijenhuis
  2. Sven van der Mierden
  3. Mike Gijsbertsen
  4. Ian van der Kolk
  5. Jarno Derks
  6. Santtu Tianen
  7. Lars van Berkel
  8. Jaap Corneth
  9. Ray van Heugten
  10. Damien van Erkelens

MX1 Moto Two:

  1. Luca Nijenhuis
  2. Lars Van Berkel
  3. Sven van der Mierden
  4. Santtu Tianen
  5. Davey Janssen
  6. Jarno Derks
  7. Bram van den Hoek
  8. Roy van Heugten
  9. Mike Gijsbertsen
  10. Ian van der Kolk

125cc overall:

  1. Raf Meuwissen
  2. Raivo Dankers
  3. Filip Olsson
  4. Wannes van de Voorde
  5. Loeka Thonies
  6. Maksim Kraev
  7. Arvid Luning
  8. Mario Lucas
  9. Mack Bouwense
  10. Kjell Verbruggen

85cc overall:

  1. Liam Everts
  2. Kay de Wolf
  3. Scott Smulders
  4. Dave Kooiker
  5. Cas Valk
  6. Kay Karssemakers
  7. Jens Walvoort
  8. Sem de Lange
  9. Romano Aspers
  10. Kasimir Hindersson

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