Ken Roczen remained positive despite the last turn pass by Cooper Webb that meant Roczen lost the win at the Arlington supercross by a frustrating 2 hundredths of a second!

But a philosophical Roczen is looking at the big picture and focused on the improvements in his performance.

“From the first few races this year to now, I’ve made some good steps forward. I’ve changed up some things in my program and put in some solid effort during the week, and I feel like it’s showing on the weekends. Of course it’s disappointing to put in that effort the entire moto and then give it away in the last turn. The turn before the whoops and in the whoops themselves is where I lost the most time during the main event. If I could’ve done that better or worked better with the bike, I feel like I could’ve kept my flow a bit better and had more of a gap between first and second.

“I knew being the last lap that was the only spot I felt like I lost time, I knew what was coming that’s why I went high in that rut as well and then coming out he went to the right and I was on the left close to the tuff blocks and it was super soft there and I couldn’t really get going right there and then things happen so fast, you don’t have that much time to think about it, you just go with your gut.

“Honestly though, I’m just having a lot of fun; I haven’t been in a championship chase in a long time, and it’s really good racing. There’s always room to improve, and I don’t have a win yet, but we’ve been super-consistent. I’ll just use this as fuel, think about the feelings I had on the track, and then make a plan for the next race. I think we’re in a good spot.”

You can read what Cooper Webb had to say on the move here.


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