Ken Roczen 94
“Today was a struggle. I felt off all day. Qualifying didn’t go great, then I got bad starts in both races, and I just ran out of steam in the main event. I’m trying to get my body back to 100% but it’s been a challenge so I’m really looking forward to a weekend off. I’ve been fighting fatigue and trying to figure out what’s going on for a while now, so it’s been hard to come to the races feeling the way I have been. The elevation today definitely didn’t help either. I know once I’m able to get this fixed and get some consistency in my program, I’ll be in a good position to start winning. Hopefully I can come back and finish the last two races strong.”

Cole Seely 14
“I’m bummed with how tonight ended, considering how well it started. We’ve been making steady progress and I’ve had some good rides the past couple weeks, so I was hoping to build on that. My heat race was great but the main event was a different story. My start wasn’t good and then I just had multiple incidents, going down once and then coming together with Alex Ray and getting his foot peg in my front wheel. I could hear and kind of see the broken spokes but I didn’t know how many were actually broken, so I didn’t want to risk it. I pulled in and they changed it so I could at least go out and finish—not how I wanted to end the night but we’re moving forward.”

Erik Kehoe
Team Manager

“It was a tough day for Ken. His start wasn’t the best in the main event but he did put in a good charge; unfortunately, he just ran out of steam and wasn’t able to work his way forward anymore. He’s definitely frustrated with that and I know he’s working hard to figure out why. He was happy with the bike though. This is obviously our first time racing supercross in Denver so we had to make some initial adjustments to compensate for the elevation, but after we did, both riders were happy. Cole was riding really well today, including the heat race. He’s been making steps and progress each week, so that heat-race win


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