Antonio Cairoli: Actually it’s not really an injury it’s just a bad feeling that I ride the bike stiff. It means I get arm pump immediately and I can’t feel my shoulder so good with a nerve. Overall I am happy in the sand, the track was very sketchy so when you land so hard from the jumps you have to hold on a lot. Overall I’m happy going into Trentino next weekend. To get the first 3 GP wins is nice. I will try to be as relaxed as possible for this race. Hopefully a lot of people come and it can be another good race.

In the sand it’s a little bit easier for me to make some good laps and stay in the rhythm more focused. I like a lot this track and I’ve got good memories. Of course it’s not easy as Tim is very fast at the moment. It’s nice to have a nice rhythm in the race, for the fans and everybody it’s nice. Hopefully Clement gets better and we can have some others mixing in to make good racing. Next weekend is a hard pack race, it’s not really my favourite soil but we will do our best.

I’ve got a lot of media stuff to do. It’s good for our sport but in other ways it takes a little bit of my time away. Its difficult before this race to be focused because everyone is there. I can’t really walk the track, its difficult for me but I enjoy it and I hope the fans do too.

Clement Desalle: It’s my first podium of the year and I’m really happy because it’s at a track I don’t really like. I can’t believe I’m on the podium here because I had a really bad week after the crash in England. My arm and legs have been sore. This weekend I took it step by step to do the best I can. I didn’t take a good start today but I actually felt good and found a good rhythm, I felt really good in the first moto. I rode alone and that wasn’t easy between races but I got another top 5 in the second moto get the first podium of the year. I’m really happy, I’ve a great feeling with the 2019 Kawasaki bike, its looking good for the future. I hope to get even more podiums.

Tim Gajser: I am happy to finish on the podium again but a little dissapointed with the first moto. I had a good start in third place behind Tony and Max. I made a mistake and fell so I came through the pack. I came back only to seventh so I was disappointed. In the second moto it was much better. I had a good start and was immediately behind Tony. The whole moto I was around 2-3 seconds behind him. In the end I tried to push but I couldn’t pass him but it was good racing. Valkenswaard isn’t my favourite track but I’m getting more comfortable also in the sand.  I’m looking forward to Arco next weekend now, many fans from Slovenia will be there so I’m excited.

I really like the track in Arco so I’m looking forward to going there next weekend. I will give my best so we will see.

Pic: Youthstream


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