Hey guys,

We are nearly mid-season, so I want to inform you of how my year has gone so far. As some of you might already know, I’m leading two different series’ in two different classes right now. So not too bad, I would say. Especially my improvements on the 250 make me confident for the future. But at first let’s go a couple of months back…

The first round of EMX125 in Valkenswaard was a pretty cold one. I think minus degrees all weekend long, says it all. Luckily, I’m Austrian, so I’m used to these kind of temperatures, haha. The track was really difficult that weekend. The rain, which fell down the week before made the sand very heavy and deep. Fortunately I had two good starts. I mean, two holeshots, that’s a fact! So I definitely made some improvements on my starts, because that was a problem point last year. I felt really motivated and comfortable that day and was able to win both races.

Three weeks later, starts let me down a bit in Trentino. I was outside the top 20 in both moto’s and it wasn’t easy to overtake, especially in a muddy second heat. I still managed to get 3rd overall and collect some important points. Obviously, it wasn’t the result I was hoping for, but considering the position in the first lap it was quite okay.

Knowing the speed is there I was really pumped for Latvia. I had a third in race one and to be honest I wasn’t happy at all with my riding. Championship thoughts held me back a bit and I was just not feeling it. After some talks with the team, I went into moto two, with a clear mind. I got a solid top 10 start and made the move for the lead with about five minutes to go. I had so much fun out there that day and the new track layout in Latvia was pretty exciting. So with a 3-1 result I got my 2nd overall win.

The 4th round was held in Teutschenthal, which is actually not so far from my home place. Well, a decent 600km to drive! I was really surprised that so many Austrian fans were there. It was a great atmosphere all weekend long and I felt really excited. After winning the first moto by a clear gap, we were fighting for the overall win until the last corner, but lost it by three tenths of a second. But with a 1-2 result I was on the podium again.

So with 4 of 8 rounds done, I have a solid points lead in the EMX125 series. But as we all know, this class is very competitive and anything can happen. We’ll try to ride as good as possible and try to win every race.

At the end of last season, we decided to participate at the ADAC MX Masters in the youngsters MX2 class for the first full year. Me and the whole team were completely surprised, as I managed to get a 2-1 result at the first round in Fürstlich Drehna for the overall win, because I just hadn’t the time to ride my 250 KTM so much.

Even though I had a start crash in the second moto at the second round in Mölln, I managed to get a 2-10 result for 3rd overall (don’t ask me how!) and extended my championship lead to eleven points.

So, I couldn’t have asked for a better first half of the season. But we are not done yet! We’ll keep working and try to continue like this. Luckily I have a great team behind me. They give me so much motivation to do better and better. Thanks to all of them, especially my family, my mechanic, and my trainer Didi, who does not only improve my technical skills on the bike, he also helps me mentally, just like after the first moto in Latvia.

Now I have some time to do some physical training and I will have some time on the 125cc bike, before heading to France for the 5th round of EMX125.

See you there…

Pic: Youthstream



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