Pauls Jonass crashed while chasing down race leader Jorge Prado in race one, ending what looked to be a big battling brewing between the title contenders.

Jonass took a while to get going as he was banging his clutch lever back in place and went back to fifth before passing Vlaanderen back for fourth as Prado eased his way to the win and gained more points on the defending champ.

In race two it was another holeshots to chequered flag win for Jorge Prado and another disaster for Pauls Jonass.

The Latvian was beside Brent Van Doninck on the line and the Belgian jumped the gate wrecking Jonass concentration and consequently a terrible start for the defending champ.

Jonass then crashed while coming through the field and eventually came back to sixth. He is now 28 points behind Prado in the championship.

Jago Geerts was the star of race two coming through the top five to take a brilliant second and  making it one-two for the teenagers to show that the next generation of teenagers are here to stay.



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