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Reed gives hint he will be at A1!

Reed gives hint he will be at A1!
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After a certain amount of uncertainty as to whether Chad Reed will be racing the 2019 supercross season, the Aussie gave his strongest hint yet that he will on the line for A1 while in New Zealand.

Speaking after his second moto win in Auckland, Reed said: “We are getting there, obviously at this point in the season you are starting to ramp up your training and start to look towards Anaheim. I’m so happy and so proud that JGR have given me this opportunity and all I can do is try and give it one more shot. If it’s one more shot or two more shots who knows, I want to be on the line at Anaheim, so we will see what we can do.”

A jubilant and clearly motivated Reed then commented after this third moto win that clinched the Oceanic championship: ”To win in the US and to get on the podium…I’m 36 years old, I’m not supposed to win races but you damn know well I’m going to give it a shot so we will see what we can do!”

It all seems to be pointing to the fact that Reed is now appearing much more confident than he was after Monster Cup at securing a spot with JGR for 2019.

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