Chad Reed and Ryan Villopoto had a lively debate as to whether Eli Tomac could have beaten Herlings if Red Bud was dry, Reed said he would – Villopoto disagreed!

Speaking at Pulp MX live in Las Vegas, the pair were asked about the difference between the MXGP world championship and the US Nationals.

When JT brought up the MXoN at Red Bud as the indicator, Reed said: “I don’t buy that, if we go to Red Bud as an AMA national track not a glorified GP track, I think you take Eli every day going to Red Bud (over Herlings).” As the US fans cheered, Villopoto disagreed saying: “Zero chance.” (That Tomac would beat Herlings).

Reed thinks Tomac would beat Herlings at Red Bud Pic: Doug Turney

“1000%,” Villopoto said, not backing down, “he (Herlings) proved it two years ago, he crushed everybody” ( at the final AMA round in 2017).

“You’re crazy,” countered Reed, despite the fact Herlings has beaten Tomac seven out of eight motos that he raced him in the USA.

Herlings showed why is the world champ at Red Bud in front of the US fans and Eli Tomac. Pic: Doug Turney

“Technically they are better than we are because of the shit they ride on,” Villopoto offered on the different track conditions and also suggested GP riders’ set-up is better for motocross because they have more time to test as opposed to the US riders who spend a lot of time racing supercross then have two weeks to test for outdoors.

But once again no-one on stage brought up the idea that Tomac should go race Herlings in the actual world championship as the real measuring stick, not just compare himself to the world champ in his own country, which gives Tomac his best chance of beating the Dutchman.


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