Just over a year ago a five year contract was agreed between Youthstream and Redsand to run a round of the World Championship for the next five years.

However, when Youthstream released their calendar for the 2019 season, eyebrows were raised when Redsand was left off the calendar.

It’s thought Redsand continued to make an effort to still make a Grand Prix happen in 2019 but it’s now been confirmed there will be no more MXGP World Championship races at the track in Spain.

The following statement was posted:

Already in a definitive way, redsand will not welcome the 2019 MXGP and in the future no rounds of the motocross world championship.

Yesterday we confirmed what we feared most and is that the aid committed for the first edition 2018 will not be paid! This generates an irreparable hole in the finances of society.

I will not comment now the guilt that this has happened like this and because it is produced, this more than clear that it is more incompetence of the institutions, I feel personally very disappointed. For our part we are in full compliance with our obligations and commitments, but that today I realize that it does not matter to anyone and less to the political class.

It is very easy to say that it supports sport with a big mouth and then evaded responsibilities with complex conventions that are delivered 4 months after having performed the event with conditions that of course are difficult to adjust.

The damage to redsand is huge, even I am considering the closure of our facilities to the conclusion of this season, because, no longer the economic damage, but the moral and mind is very strong.

I thank everyone for your support during these last months, in which you have shown interest and transmitted encouragement to move forward, but now you know the situation.

We will not perform more races in redsand, nor of the valencian territorial, no one has acted well with us and they have dedicated themselves to passing the ball to each other shirking responsibility and of course the only ones who are injured are us and the fans. The others will forget it soon but they have forgotten it already and they will already think of their posts, their armchairs and their quota of power that is really the only thing that worries

Thank you

Pic: Youthstream


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